Last of Us Remake goals in late 2022

The long-rumored remake of The Last of Us will be released sometime during the 2022 holiday season according to a report from a popular leak.

2013 new edition the last of us It has been the subject of rumors and leaks for months, and one of the recent leaks indicates that the title will be released this holiday season.

On a recent episode of Kinda Funny Gamescast, VentureBeat reporter and prominent video game leaker Jeff Grob casually mentioned a reported release window for the long-awaited new version. According to Grubb, multiple sources have confirmed that the game will be released this year. When pressed for clarification, Grob said,the last of us Remake, this holiday, yes.”

Grubb’s report aligns with previous leaks about a remake of the last of uswho was previously mentioned by fellow leaker Tom Henderson that it will see a release date sometime in 2022. The yet-to-be-announced game was reported in April 2021 by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreyer, who pointed to the title as a major PlayStation 5 release and a point of contention. Internally at Sony.

Groupe’s leaks were quite popular. In October 2021, he confirmed the existence of the Warner Bros. fighter MultiVersuswhich is now set for a 2022 release. Grubb also accurately reported on starfieldConsole exclusive. Recently, it was reported that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order The sequel will be titled Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

the last of us The new version may come sooner than many expected, as the new version of the game is still playable on PlayStation 4, and Our last part 2 Still waiting for a multiplayer update. According to Grubb, the release window makes perfect sense. “Our last part 2 It came out a while ago, “he says, and there are people in that studio who were looking for something to do.” The answer came in the form of a PlayStation 5 remake of one of Naughty Dog’s most beloved games, and the work seemed to progress quickly on the title.

Naughty Dog and Sony have remained silent on the topic of the remake, so none of the reports and rumors about the title have been officially confirmed. If Grubb and his fellow leakers are to be believed, the game can be expected as late as 2022 and will be playable exclusively on PlayStation 5. As far as the officially announced projects are concerned, the TV show is based on the last of us Currently in production for HBO.

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