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Sony Pictures Stream clip started on Thursday from gokushovodo Cinemalive action movie of Kosuke Ono‘s home road (gokushovodo) manga. The clip shows Masa talking to Yukari about the relationship (or lack thereof) between Tatsu and Torajiro’s sister Koharu, with Yukari upset with Masa for speaking only of Koharu.

The video above also shows the composition of the scene and a trailer previously revealed. The movie will open on June 3.

Staff members from the previous live-action manga series reprise their roles in the film, including Hiroshi Tamaki like tatsuo Haruna Kawaguchi Like Miku and John Chaison like masa.

Other returning cast members include Tamaki Shiratori Himawari Naoto Takenaka as Kikujiro Iguchi, Izumi Inamori as Ibari, Kenichi Taketo as Torajiro, Yuta Furukawa as Sakai, Junpei Yasui as Sadogashima, Tina Tamashiro As Yukari and MEGUMI as Tanaka and Michiko Tanaka like Ōta.

Other cast members include:

Koutari Yoshida As Kondo, president of real estate company K Planning

Marika Matsumoto Like Koharu, the younger sister of Torajiro, and the third leader of a three-gang alliance of motorcyclists from Hiroshima.

Yumi Adachi Like Shiraishi-sensei, the director of the Karyū nursery, who is facing the pressures of eviction from Kondō

Kenta Izuka (pictured left below) and Tomoko Fujita (center) He also joined the cast as Yamamoto and Katō, respectively. The characters are Kondo’s followers, who persuade local businesses to sell their land. Also seen below on the right in Yoshida as Kondō.

Kunito Watanabe (left, pictured below) and Yua Shinkawa (right) play Kazuma and Kasumi respectively. They are a newly married couple who have misunderstanding after misunderstanding with Tatsu, and they end up escalating the situation by involving more and more people.

Tōichirō Rut returned from the live-action series as director of the film.

The live series premiered in October 2020, and will include a six-part special that will premiere on May 27.

Oono launched the manga on ChinchushaKurage Bunch’s Kurage Bunch website in February 2018, and Chinchusha The ninth volume was released on March 9. Viz Media The manga is published in English, and the seventh volume was released on January 18.

The manga also inspired an adaptation of the anime. The first part of the anime appeared worldwide on Netflix In April 2021 with five episodes. The second part for the first time in the world today Netflix In October 2021.

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