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Manga discontinued last August

This year’s twelfth issue of Shueisha‘s big jump Wednesday magazine revealed that Mari Yamazaki‘s Olympia Kiklos The manga will return from a hiatus in the magazine’s next issue on June 1, and will be approaching its climax.

The manga was discontinued in August of last year so Yamazaki could do preparatory work on the manga. It was originally announced with a comeback in the winter.

Crunchy Roll stream previously Extra Olympia Kiklos (Bisatsu Olympia Kiklos), the manga television anime, and describes the story:

Demetrius was a young man in ancient Greece who was a potter’s apprentice, but was also somewhat shy. otaku. Although he pursued the arts, he was blessed with natural athletic talent.

One day, he is drawn into a village dispute. Demetrius thinks about how helpless he is, but then gets struck by lightning! When he comes to Greece, he is no longer in Greece, it is a strange land where he cannot understand the language and the people seem somewhat different.

Yes, he somehow ended up in Tokyo in 1964! Of course, Demetrius has no idea even what Japan is. What will happen to him?!

Yamazaki (Therma RomeAnd Steve JobsThe manga was launched in big jump Magazine in March 2018. The manga is shown once a month in the magazine. Shueisha The sixth volume of the combined manga book was published in August 2021. Extra Olympia Kiklos The TV anime premiered in April 2020.

Yamazaki finished it Therma Rome manga in March 2013. The manga inspired a three-episode anime in 2012 and two live-action films starring Hiroshi Abe And Aya Oto. press yen The manga is published in North America, while Discotheque Anime licensed in North America. Crunchy Roll It broadcasts anime with English subtitles and English language dub. The manga inspired a new anime series titled Therma Rome Novawhich appeared for the first time Netflix On March 28.

source: big jump website

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