Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 must feature Morbius


Spider-Man from Marvel 2 It’s shaping up to be a really massive game. Aside from the voice actors who have said a lot in interviews, the game reveal trailer confirmed that the two Spider-Mans will appear alongside two of the main antagonists in Venom and Kraven. With the long-running plot threads of Wraith and Kingpin as well as the confirmation that there are characters like The Lizard in the universe, there could be plenty of enemies to fight the wall crawler in the next game.

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Despite all those villains that will be up for battle, there are likely to be others scattered throughout Spider-Man from Marvel 2 Players don’t expect to see it. While many will want to see notable members of the friendly neighborhood rogue gallery like Sandman and Mysterio, it will be interesting to see Doctor Michael Morbius get some time to shine. If given his quest line, the villain could end up stealing the show.

Redemption for Morbius

Sony Morbius The movie was a critical and commercial failure (although it spawned some hilarious memes), but that doesn’t mean the character should be avoided in the video game world. Conversely, Morbius’s morally gray nature and his shifting motives could make him an interesting choice for a side character, as Insomniac Games is able to make him either a complete villain or a reluctant ally like Silver Sable.

Include Morbius in Spider-Man 2 from Marvel, Insomniac Games will immediately resolve the issue with Morbius Sony’s Spider-Man movie and world. All of the movies in the series suffer because they don’t feature a Spider-Man, a character who is an integral part of the stories of the characters they focus on. Not only are projects like the El Muerto movie weird because of the main character’s ambiguity, but seeing Kraven unable to hunt his most wanted prey or Eddie Brock without a hatred for Peter Parker is weird. Insomniac will have two Spider-Men to pair with Morbius, though, allowing for adaptations of classic Morbius stories through Peter and new tales told through Miles.

How Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Morbius Content Can Work

Very similar to the original tombstone Spider-Man from MarvelMorbius must showcase his own series of connected side quests, with the missions ending in a battle against the vampire. These missions can start with the appearance of a vampire above the earth, introducing a completely unique enemy type to the game. These vampires can have super fast speed, power, and teleportation, with echolocation that allows them to track for miles even when invisible.

After taking down the first vampire, Miles and/or Peter manage to track them underground, finding their lair in the sewers. They could then be forced to fight through these underground areas, which would not only be a change from the typical New York City aesthetic, but would also be more difficult. With less room to swing, movement will be hampered, forcing players to make fewer mistakes because vampires will be able to close the distance quickly.

In the end, a long battle could take place with Morbius, in which both Miles and the evil Peter fight the evil one. Aside from more health, some sort of bleeding effect for his attacks would be a great way to distinguish him from other vampires, and it could be fun to see his claws damage his Spider-Man suit. Once defeated, players can tell that Morbius has good or evil intentions, as Insomniac offers his own view on the doctor turned vampire. With the ability to provide a unique location, special enemies, and a powerful story, Morbius must be fully visible in the future Spider-Man from Marvel Content.

Spider-Man from Marvel 2 It is slated to release in 2023 on PS5.

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