MHA’s final Manga Arc suffers from the worst series

The following contains spoilers for chapters 351 and 352 of My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi, Caleb Cook, and John Hunt, now available in English from Viz Media.

My hero academy It has a large cast of characters compared to most shounen series. While this helps make the story more populous and diverse, it also has the unfortunate side effect of many characters falling through the cracks and often fading away. This unfortunate fate has befallen many around MHA Which might otherwise have been a fan favourite, repeating itself in the first arena in the last arc.

Last My hero academy The manga chapters focus on Todoroki Shoto’s fateful final battle with his estranged brother, Dabi. Since he’s mastered both the ice and fire aspects of Quirk and become invulnerable to flame, Shoto was the obvious man for the job. Of course he still couldn’t be sent to face the villain alone, so he was escorted by a group of students and pro heroes alike, including Iida Tenya and the trusted Flaming Sidekers, Kido, Onima and Burnin from Endeavor.

While the original plan was for all the heroes to face Dabi together, the villain’s deadly fire quickly rose to a temperature that would have caused the deaths of ordinary people. The other heroes were forced back, but the Flaming Sidekickers bravely declared that they had withstood the worst and were ready to engage Dabi whenever Shoto was. At that point, all signs pointed to them dropping Dabey as a team – but that idea was quickly discarded as he took his first step.

By taking the lead, Dabi turned the battle in his favor for a moment and let the smoldering comrades scramble. The fight soon turned into a battle involving only the two brothers, and promises of support were unsuccessful. They remained insignificant until the end of the battle, when they managed to jump in the path of an attack directed at Shoto. Their perseverance, although short-lived, gave him enough time to charge Coldflame which eventually brought down Dabi.

Although The Flaming Sidekickers were never major characters to begin with, it’s a little disappointing. My hero academy You might end up without some exposure on the most trusted Endeavour crew. one way MHAThe Pro-Heroes assert that their individuality is made through their uniquely named superhero moves, but the Sidekickers didn’t get that many chances. They were certainly brave during the Shoto fight with Dabby, but it’s hardly an opportunity to show why Endeavor put so much faith in them.

Especially regarding Burnin treatment that lasts My hero academyThe infamous trend of marginalizing female characters after one-on-one fights. They show tremendous promise at first, and then always get injured or thrown out of the action with no opportunities for character growth.

Burnin never had a chance to stand out, and in the manga she didn’t even have a dedicated moment to explain her instincts. (The burning hair allows her to fly and pick up flames from her head and hurl them as projectiles.) MHAThe last chance to flip the way many one-dimensional women are perceived, but unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that.

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