Moon Knight producers prepare to work on MCU Fantastic Four


Grant Curtis and Nick Pepin will co-star in the Marvel Studios Fantastic Four reboot, according to Moon Knight writer Jeremy Slater.

The first two vital interpretations of The Fantastic Four It didn’t go well. They were not well received by fans or critics when they were released. But it seems Marvel Studios is on the right track knowing that it will engage those behind the production of their latest series, moon knight.

Jeremy Slater, writer at moon knightconfirmed that Marvel Studios will participate moon knight Producers Grant Curtis and Nick Pepin to produce their upcoming live-action interpretation of The Fantastic Four. Slater, who has been somewhat involved in the earlier interpretation of the comic book series, said it’s probably best he not be involved in the MCU project because Marvel fans don’t trust him.

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“My execs moon knight They are the same men who run The Fantastic Four, so we had a lot of conversation about it,” Slater told ComicBook. I was like, “I’m not going to show you anything, because honestly, you don’t need my stink.” Slater later added that he trusted them to provide an entertaining interpretation of The Fantastic Four and that the further away from the project the better in the eyes of fans. They would find brilliant writers and brilliant directors. And they don’t need to stink anywhere near this project. I can’t wait to see it As a fan, I just know that no one will ever kiss Jeremy Slater The Fantastic Four A movie for a very good reason. If your Uber driver showed up and said, “Oh, I saw that guy drunk last week,” you wouldn’t get in the car with him. I think there are some things I probably just need to get away from for the rest of my career.”

It’s a shame that those involved in bad projects are somehow described as the reason the project itself was bad when what happened behind the scenes strongly suggests that the studio is to blame for the film’s awful appearance, not the writer. Or the director. Batman fans are known to blame Joel Schumacher, an excellent filmmaker, for how bad it is batman and robin He appeared again in 1997 just as Marvel fans did with Slater. However, the real reason this movie turned out as badly as it did was because Warner Bros. forced Schumacher to make the movie they wanted to make. He was just a falling man.

This is the first major breakdown of what there will be a lot of detail that will emerge when Marvel Studios begins its own iteration of The Fantastic Four. They’re off to a good start by learning what Curtis and Pippen have done with the other Marvel Studios properties they’ve worked on. If they even make a regular movie out of The Fantastic Four, that’s a big step up compared to what’s been done before. All they need are competent minds to run a project like this.

What will make it even more difficult is figuring out how to integrate these four into the MCU as a whole. Marvel Studios seamlessly integrated Spider-Man into the universe because they have far fewer characters than they are now. There must be a reason for them to be there besides being in the comics. Fortunately, since Marvel Studios has all of these other characteristics to worry about, they have had the time to work around these bugs.

The Fantastic Four Currently in development at Marvel Studios.


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