Nightwing borrows a weapon from Batman’s Mr. Freeze

In the DC vault, one of Nightwing’s biggest features is the Escrima wands, which are loved by fans of the comics and variety. Batman Gifs up years. They were even more exciting when the weapon was brought to Batman: Arkham Video games, with Nightwing helping the Dark Knight and reminding everyone, no matter the medium, Dick Grayson will always be loyal to Bruce Wayne.

Interestingly, follow the teasers for the upcoming game Gotham KnightsMany wondered how Nightwing would perform in battle and what weapons he would use in place of the Caped Crusader’s death. Finally, in a gameplay trailer featuring over 13 minutes of footage, it’s been revealed that he’s going to be spreading his iconic wand once again. However, this time around, she’s borrowing his arsenal from Pat’s most fearsome villain: Mr. Freeze.

The video showed how the Court of Owls was rising in Gotham City, seeking to take over with the departures of both Bruce and Jim Gordon. In the segment featuring Nightwing’s ghost as he enters a mansion, he ends up fighting the Owls’ agents. However, this sequence confirmed that it has a new feature that users can play with, called “Initial Shock Ability”.

Around 9:05, while Nightwing is battling demons, he uses “cryo-status” attacks where his wand can freeze the scene and enemies. He has seen them hit them in close quarters, using snowballs to give more effect and to increase the weight of his blows. Initially, deadly kombat Fans may liken him to Sub-Zero, but this is actually similar to Batman’s main enemy Mr. Freeze.

What makes this even more interesting is that previous teasers for the game showed freezing over cold parts of Gotham, but since this game is not related to ArkhamverseThat freeze could be both an ally and a reformer. He may have helped upgrade Dick’s equipment, or perhaps the Rangers were using tools that Bruce left at their new base, Belfry, after taking them from the crooks.

Either way, fans are intrigued to see if Dick would end up using these freeze moves against Freeze if they fought, as well as what Freeze’s background is in this universe. If they’re enemies, he’ll almost certainly be pissed off seeing Dick obsess over his tech, so only time will tell if it’s the lovable Victor Fries or the terrorist who hated Gotham after he couldn’t cure his lover, Nora.

Plus, the excitement builds to see what else Dick can do with his icy moves and what other tech items Nightwing has in his arsenal. It’s easy to see him incorporating something as simple as flamethrowers, since he diversifies his gadgets. In the end, all these components make Dick more dynamic and hard to beat on the field.

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