Oda has set some amazing alarms for Wano in Thriller Bark arc


The parallels Oda sets in Thriller Bark arc are insane. It can reach, but take it as you wish in understanding the amazing alarms that Oda has set in Thriller Bark.

first parallel

– The situation with Absalom and Nami in the bathroom compared to the situation with Stealth Black Sanji in the bathroom. And of course, Sanji’s desire to be invisible turns out to be a reality in Wano.

The second in parallel

Sewn up a pig holding 2 swords.

And as you know, Pig God after being cut with two swords from Oden, had to be stitched.

The third in parallel

As you know, there is a theory about some members of the Rocks Pirates being zombies.

And in Wano, we got to know the Rocks Pirates.

fourth parallel

Foreshadows the Kaido numbers originally created on Punk Hazard.

On a side note, this could portend a Zun army.

Fifth parallel

According to Big Mom, the figures are a failed re-creation of the ancient giants.

The numbers are observed to be as large as the ancient giant oars, whose height of 67 meters is three times longer than the ordinary ordinary giant; And all of them also have horns.

Sixth in parallel

Chopper Comments On Lola Shipping

Whitebeard Comments On Shipping Oden

Seventh in parallel

Kiku portends?

8 parallel

Zoro cuts Kaido like Kuma.

* theory Logical goal 5

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