Oda literally teased new vegapunk revelations in his interview with China Times in 2014!


Vegapunk reveals in chapter 1069 that “the desires of all things are born into the world,” and that the Devil’s Fruits are in the same boat. He says that Devil Fruits are the embodiment of what people wish they could become, and the reason the sea, which he calls “the mother of all nature”, makes Devil Fruit users unable to swim is because he considers such desires to transcend the world people wish to live in as an “abnormality”.

Oda literally told us the same thing in his interview with China Times in 2014. About the idea behind Devil Fruits appearing in the series, Oda said that in his childhood he was influenced a lot by the Doraemon series, thus most of his inspiration comes from his daily life.
There is inspiration from his everyday life everywhere. For example, since Oda often works alone all night in order to meet his deadlines, he says he would like him to have the same ability as Nico Robin. If he is in possession of it Devil fruit blossom flower He will be able to use multiple hands at once and finish his work faster.

For Luffy’s Gum Devil Fruit, the idea came from Oda’s own laziness: he often wishes his hands would stretch a little too far, like rubber, so he could get things without leaving his chair when he’s busy working on something.

The powers wielded by the female characters in the series are related to the woman’s everyday desires. Alvida’s Slip Slip Devil Fruit gives her body the ability to slip giving her perfect skin. As for Miss Valentine’s Kilo Kilo Devil Fruit, it gives her the ability to change her body weight at will from a “burly” weight to a featherweight which makes it possible for her to fly.

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