Oneban! Episode 6 Release Date: Legendary Idol Noririn


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Today, we are going to Onipan! Episode 6 release date. Oneban! It is an anime based on fantasy, mythology, and a bit of comedy that makes this anime totally useful. Fans love this anime because of the cute character selection and the plot that melts everyone’s heart. If you’re wondering how Noriren became an idol, keep reading to find out what happened and what’s to come in the next episode of Onipan! This will be the sixth episode of the show.

This anime is directed by Wit Studio, which is the same studio as Attack on Titan and Vinland Saga. So you can rest easy when it comes to Wit Studio anime nothing can go wrong. This anime is what fans describe as the definition of Kawaii, because I mean look at the characters. Despite the fact that the characters are very likable, what is amazing about the anime is its plot which is literally like a roller coaster that is one second as high as Mount Everest and then as deep as Mariana Trench.

Three children of Oni become human with the power of Oniban (a combination of “Oni” and “Bantsu”) to help the humans and Oni mend their connection. The three ladies attend a regular high school in Tokyo to help them in their mission and improve their image by rejuvenating society, sometimes diving wholeheartedly into school activities, other times…becoming idols!

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Episode 5: Quick Summary

Oneban! I released 5 episodes now and the next episode will be released soon. Before entering the release date and preview Onipan! Episode 6, let’s look at a quick summary of the previous episode. This episode was so much fun, read on to find out the answer.

Episode 5 began with the start of the annual Momo Battle Royale game to determine the real Momotaro in the Momo Tower. Momozono Momo explains the competition to everyone in a nutshell. I told them that Momotaro from all over the world come and compete with each other to find out who the absolute Momotaro is. She made it clear that she wanted the three to be judges for the competition, not take part in it. A red-haired girl named Inoyama tells them about the ancient history of Momotaro.

After reviewing the duel, they declared Momozono the winner. At the second level of the competition, Momo met Ozuno Ao who was a descendant of Momotaro from Takamatsu, Kagawa. In the middle of this comes a third competitor named Kurozono Kuro. She was announced as the winner but then Momo used the MTCG Momotaro Trading card game. They begin to draw their best personal cards to control each other.


Just when we think one of them has won, the other pulls out a better and stronger card. Suddenly someone shouts, “You lost so much” and the episode ends with a fight over who won in the last round. Is it Momo? Or is it Korozono? To find out, watch the next episode.

Episode 6 Preview

In the sixth episode, we will learn who won the match between Momo and Kuzuno after Momo used her trump card, the MTCG Momotaro trading card game. A singing performance will be presented in the next episode. Noureen sings on stage and everyone starts seeing her as an idol.

Oneban! Episode 6 Release Date

Waiting for an anime episode can be frustrating but don’t worry, you don’t have to wait any longer because episode 6 release date is officially over. Oneban! Episode 6 will be available to viewers on Wednesday May 18 2022. Episode for Oneban! They are released daily.

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You can enjoy this anime along with many other amazing anime like this one Crunchy Roll It is the official broadcast partner of Onipan and Millions of Amazing Animations.

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