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Tomita does indeed voice Noriko Eason in the show, but the character transforms into Nouriren

The official website for the original TV anime Oneban! The second full promotional video for the anime began broadcasting on Monday. The video reveals that Mio Tomita He also voiced the highest-grossing Noureen character in the anime. Tomita actually voices the character of Noriko Eason in the series, and the character is able to transform into a noirin using an ancient hammer transferred to her by an ancestor.

Noririn sings “Tokimeki ♡ Wonderland” (Heart-Throbbing Wonderland) that will be played on Monday’s episode, and the song is also on the June 1 theme song disc “Onipapapan! Pan!” In addition, the anime will change its final song to “Oni Yaba-!” (by Nozaki’s DayAnd Mika NegishiAnd Kokuna Nonaka as the voice actress unit of the anime “Onipanzu!”) next week.

The anime premiered on April 11th inside Tokyo TV‘s Oh Sota Program (“Good Morning Star”).

Located in a world where the Japanese Unni (Demons) and humans coexist, the “story of love, friendship and panties” follows three Unni Girls who transfer to a middle school in Tokyo. They strive to improve the wrong image of Unni With the help of a main element with hidden powers – Unni panties, or onepan. Momozono-momo and Eason-boku are teased as the sons of well-known Japanese folklore figures Momotaro and Eason-bushi, respectively.

Anime stars:

  • Former member of Team Sakura Gakuen Nozaki’s Day like a curious red Unni Tsutsuji (Japanese word meaning “azalea”)
  • Winner of Ciao Girl Competition 2019 Mika Negishi like mischievous yellow Unni Himawari (“sunflower”)
  • Former member of Team Sakura Gakuen Kokuna Nonaka such as Tsuyukusa (“day flower”)
  • Kaori Maeda Like Momozuno Momo
  • Mio Tomita Like Noriko Eason
  • Kikoko Inoue like kuma

The anime comes from the AAO Project, a joint initiative by AOI Pro.And beguileand Origamix Partners, to develop and produce original intellectual property. Norihiro Naganumadirector and writer Ancient Magus Bride anime, create the original story concept with Wet Studio And Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions as a group Oneban! project. Tomari (My friend’s little sister is taking advantage of it for me!) coined original onikko (Demon Girl) designs.

Masahiko Ota (yurouri) directs the anime in Wet Studio with assistant manager Jun’ichirō HashiguchiAnd Takashi Oshima (Yorouri – Happy Go LilyAnd MitsudomoiAnd Himoto! Amrochan) is responsible for the scripts for the series. Ryota Yanagi (sword art online monster design) as the character designer and chief animation director, and Yasuhiro Misawa (Yorouri – Happy Go LilyAnd MitsudomoiAnd minami ke) composes music.

anime stars Nozaki’s DayAnd Mika NegishiAnd Kokuna Nonaka They form a new musical unit called “Onipanzu!” They perform the show’s song “Onipapapan! Pan!”

Sentai Filmworks Anime is streaming on cache.

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