Overwatch 2 beta update spurs Sojourn and Baptiste and gives Mercy a new ability


Blizzard’s ongoing closed beta for Monitor 2 It continues, although it is due to end later this week. However, Blizzard’s goal with the closed beta was to make an impression. While not presenting a complete Blizzard Monitor 2 Experience as promised, can win players back with quick updates and responses to comments. This is what is done in Monitor 2The next update, which not only improves the Mercy collection, but also balances the changes in Sojourn and Baptiste.

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The changes to Mercy are particularly interesting. Not every Mercy player may be aware, but the support character has a unique in-game interaction called Super Jump. Mercy players who use a Guardian Angel can bend as their ability ends up flying high in the air, to override Mercy’s normal jump. Blizzard loves that Mercy has this ability and has decided to make it easier for the user, rather than just something for experienced players. Using the bow during Guardian Angel will cancel it and launch Mercy into the air automatically.

It’s funny that Blizzard didn’t correct the initial issue with Mercy’s Super Jump before adding the new functionality. The patch test shows that if Monitor 2 Players attempt to complete the original Super Jump, and they are now jumping three times higher than before. There are clearly some kinks left to work on in the patch.

In addition to changing Mercy, the patch made major changes to both Baptiste and Sojourn to polish the two untapped characters. Baptiste’s recovery was targeted for improvements. Its regenerative blast now heals 50 health conditions instantly and another 50 over time. In addition, it will double the instant treatment for allies under 50 years old. On the other hand, Sojourn receives a significant increase in DPS, which increases the rate of fire of the Railgun from 13 to 15 rounds per second, and of Railgun ammunition from 40 to 45.

While the patches in the planned update are not widespread, they only affect three of the Monitor 2Champions, it’s important changes. Improvements to Sojourn, in particular, could change Monitor 2current metadata. Modified fire rate can greatly increase her total damage. As far as the patch goes of late, it delivers.

It is not clear if this will be the latest update for Monitor 2Closed beta before it ends next Tuesday, but it seems likely. Updates were arriving every Thursday and there were no more Thursdays left, except for the beta extension. What comes next for Monitor 2 It remains to be seen by the fans.

Monitor 2CSS Beta is now available on PC but requires an invitation.

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