Pixar’s Lightyear has a tearful montage

Pixar’s Lightyear spin-off, Toy Story features an emotional time-lapse scene reminiscent of the tear-jerking studio opening montage of Up.

Pixar Light yearwhich hits theaters in less than a month, has a time-lapse montage that will stress the strings of my heart.

In the movie, Buzz takes ultra-high-speed test flights that send him constantly four years into the future. Over the course of the scene, Buzz watches his community age around him.

The scene is compared to the emotional opening montage of TopThe viewer also sees that time passes in honest and unexpected ways. Light yearHowever, time passes for Buzz faster than for anyone else. Director Angus MacLean wasn’t concerned about the science behind time dilation. “For Angus, it’s always been about telling a relatable story,” producer Galyn Susman told SFX Magazine. Regarding the sci-fi component of the scene, Susan, who was a physics major in her youth, said, “It’s sci-fi with a lowercase letter and an uppercase ‘F’, so we’re going to let this story drive the science.”

However, the filmmakers were conscious about not breaking the rules of physics enough that “science geeks go,” forget it! Instead, the creators worked to “transport the science to where it helps us tell our story.” MacLane explained, “The montage was trying to get emotional attraction to the character so she could align the audience with the character.” Montage because “less talk is always good. We always try to find ways to reduce the conversation.”

In addition to the emotional time-lapse scene, the film has been discussed in popular media because it contains a gay kiss. Disney removed the kissing scene for a while but brought it back after a backlash when Pixar employees revealed that Disney had cut weird scenes from multiple movies. my producers Light year He praised the restoration of the kiss, explaining that Buzz’s vision of a loving and homosexual relationship helps him understand the partnerships he lost in his own life.

Light year It is an episodic movie of Toy Story A franchise that follows the life of the man who inspired the game Buzz Lightyear. Chris Evans plays Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear who accompanies him on the adventures of a team of fellow astronauts played by Keke Palmer, Del Sols and Taika Waititi. Josh Brolin and Uzo Aduba star in the film.

Light year It arrives in theaters June 17.

source: SFX Magazine

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