PNL’s inspiring speech on stage: “The world is beautiful”


During his performance in Dijon, Ademo from PNL delivered a poignant speech before moving on to the title “Comme pas deux”.

The wind is good, and has been blowing behind PNL’s back for a few weeks. After long years of waiting, the two brothers can finally discover their audience across France, with a sold-out tour that brings their latest opus to life. Happy and full of life, the two artists scatter the messages of hope that run through their music throughout their concerts. And in Dijon, Ademo delivered a poignant speech to the public, before continuing on “Comme pas deux”.

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NLP: “We are lucky”

“Breathe, be aware, we are lucky, he said. This life is beautiful, whatever the hardships, it allows us to move forward. It allows us to be men and women. Some noise for you Dijon! The world is beautiful, you are beautiful tonight”.

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A few poignant words that deploy all the atmosphere incorporated in this last album of PNL. After Toulouse, Lyon and Nice, the two brothers will go to Paris for five consecutive dates at Bercy. Their tour will end before several festival dates this summer. Then, for a future that promises to be intriguing. Also: when Bigflo and Oli meet at the PNL concert

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