Resident Evil trailer unleashes iconic monsters and video game callbacks


The second trailer for the live-action Resident Evil series features several monsters from the video games, including the terrifying Licker.

The latest trailer for a live event on Netflix vampire The series lays out the story of the series, which is full of zombies.

The promotion begins at the Umbrella Corporation, where Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick) introduces the company to Joy, a drug with the potential to treat many important diseases. Despite the pill’s miraculous potential, the medicine contains a dose of the T-Virus, the source of the original zombie outbreak in Spencer’s Palace. vampire video game. New clips also reveal better looks for several monsters that monster fans will recognize, including a giant spider and a Laker.

While little is known about vampireA Netflix plot revealed that the series will follow Albert Wesker and his daughters Billy and Jed before and after the spread of the deadly virus. Set in the years 2022 and 2036, the show will mostly focus on Jade as she tries to survive in the post-apocalyptic era, trying to come to terms with the death of her sister while living in the shadow of her evil father.

As for how vampire Connecting to the broader Capcom franchise, showrunner Andrew Dabb revealed that video games are the canon in the series. “Gaming is our background,” Dab said. “Everything that happens in games is in this world.” “We may not reach [Resident Evil: Village] Until the fifth season, but it’s in our world. As we move forward and talk about the scripts for Season 2, The Village is a resource we can count on.”

He talks about his role in vampire, Riddick revealed that he hadn’t heard of video games before taking on the role of Wesker. “Interestingly… I’ve never played any of the vampire games,” Riddick said. For years, I’ve always thought that movies are stand-alone things. I never knew they were related to anything. I didn’t really know anything about Albert Wesker when this project was brought up.”

Riddick went on to explain it while fans might be confused at first by his gate vampireThe most famous villain, the series will clarify his role as the story unfolds. “Game fans might react when they first start watching the show, ‘This guy is Albert Wesker?'” Then as the show goes on, they’ll say, ‘Oh! Yes, that guy is Albert Wesker!” “Redick explained.

vampire It hits Netflix on July 14th.

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