Romantic anime series that left us wanting more


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This great romantic anime had great threads that were supposed to end together but unfortunately didn’t get a second season.

Over the past few years, the romantic type of “girls only” stigma has grown. Shojo anime specifically targets audiences who resonate with melodramatic stories and struggle to maintain a youthful relationship. Although most of these romance stories are about a male or female character dealing with his first love, they are still fun to watch for people of all ages and genders.

However, just when the audience started cheering the main couple and wishing they could see more of their cute encounters, the series ended abruptly. Many anime fans wait until this day in hopes that their favorite anime love story will cross the finish line. Here is a brief roundup of the most popular romantic anime that unfortunately has its fans craving for more.

What should have ended Oran

It’s like yesterday when Haruhi and Tamaki danced all night long on the last episode of Oran High School Host Club. Fans rejoiced that both threads finally ended together, but that’s not where the audience wanted them to end. This was just the beginning for these two lovebirds, and it was very interesting to see how forgetful Haruhi of Tamaki’s obvious feelings was, especially after they became an official couple. However, even fifteen years later, there is no glimmer of hope for a second season.

Fans need more Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Episode 26 modified from the anime Kaishu and Maid-sama! It was first aired in 2010 and since then it has topped the watch list of countless anime fans. Usui’s silliness and Misaki’s rudeness were a real treat as they star in almost every episode, with Misaki taking a step closer to Usui at the end of each episode. While the series ended with a long-awaited kiss between the two, fans were hoping for more of this budding love.

Things are undone at Yona Dawn

Yuna DawnAnime based on the first eight volumes of the manga. The story of the red-haired princess and her loyal protector Soon Hak is full of beautiful moments and pleases anyone who roots for a husband. However, the last episode of the series didn’t exactly mention an official relationship between the two heroes, and the show only ended with Yuna getting close to Hack. Fans recently welcomed rumors swirling about a second season, but nothing official has emerged yet.

My little monster had more potential

Another fan-favorite romantic anime that’s pressing the dust about leaving the story halfway my little monster or Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. It is almost heartbreaking that this amazing series consists of only 13 episodes, which did not even begin to cover the massive manga material. The series revolves around a girl who seems cold-hearted and antisocial, and meets a troublemaker. The series got OVA later, but there are no signs of a second season at the moment.

The blue spring ride is criminally short

Ride Ao Harualso known as Blue Spring rideIt is the only anime on this list that probably left the audience completely devastated. The adapted anime series focuses on the story of Kou and Futaba, who are unable to take their feelings to the next level due to various personal issues. This shoujo anime is only 13 episodes long, which is criminally short considering the fact that the first season ended on a precipice. Unfortunately, the anime has not been picked for another season since its release in 2014.

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