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First things first, if you happen to miss a post-credits scene this week, may I strongly encourage you to watch it now. I wouldn’t dream of spoiling it for anyone. climax Birdy SuiteAnd, as I write these words, I still struggle with them.

Eve’s confrontation with Rose proves that there is no such thing as a straight line Birdy Suite. This is the most focused episode in the series to date, revolving entirely around their golf match to the death, yet it also contains some of the wildest twists and blatant disregard for the principles of the sport. It is wonderful. I can do a theatrical breakdown of nearly every scene and highlight some specific decisions in writing and/or direction that elevate the material to cheerful streamers. I’m only going to highlight a select handful here, but I just want to stress that there is a subtle craft that goes into building the absurd, and this anime exudes it.

The basics of the character in this game are strong. Both Eve and Rose are hangouts who don’t flinch easily, so their toxic relationship supports a solid foundation for smug trash talk that the rest of the rivals can base themselves on. So far, the revelation that my two golf girls studied under Leo’s brutal tutelage fits comfortably in this conflict. Eve is the most up-and-coming and least polished beginner, and Rose is the down-to-earth professional and a bit down-to-earth. They’re on fairly equal ground, and it’s fun to see them Birdy Suite play in that space. Eve has been playing with her talented peers before, but this is the first time she has played golf against herself.

The cast of this episode wrapped up Vipére, who completed her transformation from a two-bit villain to Eve’s Speedwagon. She basically spends the entire match acting like a regular sidekick and giving colorful commentary to the audience. While on a different show, this could have seemed like a disappointing softening of her character, here at Birdy Suite, the sheer dissonance between her present behavior and her past extravagance makes the discrepancy all the more laughable. It also helps that she still looks at her toe like a skewed snake. Across from Roguelike Golf Course, Katherine and Nicholas’ childish cries of delight and terror provide further contrast to the game’s deadly stakes. Building a world in which golf is the single most important activity both for the elite and underground is inherently absurd, and it’s nice to see Birdy Suite embrace it.

Of all the characters, though, Rose steals the show here. After all the reinforcements from her shadowy machinations during the first half of the season, the revelation that she herself is a golfer who just wants to destroy someone else on her level is all too well. It is very trivial. It’s pure shounen absurdity. It’s literally the exact relationship between Hisoka and Jun. And that makes the match even more fun, because we have this raging capo in a tightly tailored suit, playing with a teenager like a cat with a mouse. Eve hits the ball right at the tip of the flagpole – already a big part of animated golf – and Rose follows it up with utter disrespect by shooting Eve’s ball and hoisting it away from the hole. It doesn’t matter at all in the wild world Birdy SuiteBut I don’t think you’re allowed to do that! This is golf, not billiards. This is why it is so highly owned.

However, Eve has a trick up her sleeve, too. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, here’s Aoi literally teaching Eve how not to shoot straight. There is absolutely no way it was not intended. Eve, in turn, honors her friend by naming her a new segment after her. The subtitles help the audience with that, but there’s some neat Japanese wordplay going on here that I’d like to elaborate a bit more on. We know that the Eve symbols are named after the color of the rainbow, and they call this purple, or 葵, the same kanji used for the name Aoi. But this kanji specifically means holihawk, more precisely, the bullet is called the color of hollyhock. Hollyhocks can be of different shades, so 紫 or the English word purple (used later by Eve) is usually used to describe this color. The point is that Eve intentionally calls it queer as an expression of her love. Furthermore, “aoi” is commonly associated with the pronunciation of blue, 青, which exploits an additional grammatical synergy between the name Aoi and Eve’s patented Blue Bullet. In other words, they’re lesbians, Harold.

And if you need more proof Birdy Suite Written by and for geniuses, let’s delve into the post-credits scene. With her purple bullet, Eve finally manages to arouse Rose’s confidence, and it manifests itself physically as an old injury that’s getting worse. This makes sense – surely there was a reason why Rose retired from illegal golf – and it metaphorically appears as a crack starting to work its way through a pane of glass. At this point, this makes perfect sense as a way to build on the finale of the match and the eventual victory for our heroine.

Then Rose’s hand flies.

They should know better. Why do I expect Birdy Suite To get to the visual symbolism when the best and smartest decision would be to give Rose the actual Bowie Crystal arm? Given that these women are currently playing in a secret underground roguelike golf course that costs billions to build, why should I be surprised that there are high-tech golf prosthetics that are also inexplicably made from a material notorious for shattering? I mean, the answer to those two questions is that it’s crazy, and there is no possible world in which I can expect this development. And that shine Birdy Suite. After seven weeks of psychological golf, he still found ways to seduce me.

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Post text: I don’t know where else to put this, but I just noticed this week that Leo Actor’s voice he is Shuichi Ikeda, aka Char Aznable. So this is and Toro Fria (aka Amuro Ray in Gundam And Riya Amoro in Birdy Suite) voices two of the few petty masculine characters that are imported into this show. Apparently, they are too golf buddies in real lifeso consider it another way Birdy SuiteIts existence is wholly inexplicable and wonderful.

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