“Seine Zoo” posters appear mysteriously


Flocked posters of the Seine Zoo logo would have appeared on the Strasbourg side. Should we see a link with an announcement from the Nekfeu label?

This time, it seems to become concrete. On social networks this Monday, an image that would have been captured in Strasbourg by an Internet user, reveals the name of Seine Zoo Records, Nekfeu’s label. We see the orange logo with, below, the inscription: “SZR Zoo”. The image quickly went viral on Twitter and could obviously imply that other French cities are affected by this communication campaign. Especially Paris, of course.

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Nekfeu, S-Crew, concerts: what is behind Seine Zoo Records?

For the time being, no concrete information is associated with this appearance, but the hypotheses are quickly triggered when it comes to Nekfeu. Several rumors already see a return of the rapper, three years later The wandering stars published in June 2019. Others see it as an announcement related to the S-Crew, while it is rumored on social networks, without any real concrete information, a return of the group in recent weeks. The conjecture would also be more likely given the promotion of the label.

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Also, other hypotheses are also plausible, such as that of unpublished concert dates of Nekfeu, or other members of the stable, at the dawn of summer. Or even, why not, a new signature within the label. We will have to be patient before discovering what is going on behind this communication campaign. But in any case, things are seriously starting to get agitated on the Seine Zoo side, after a very long period of silence. And even for Nekfeu: as a reminder, his live with Amine on Twitch has recently become clearer. And the rapper would have participated in a clip in Belgium for the moment kept secret.

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