Sims 4 fans confused by the lack of werewolves in new collection releases

The Sims 4 has finally announced the two previously teased combos, and many players have spoken, confused with the direction of the game.

Just over two weeks since then The Sims 4 After announcing some upcoming additional content, the reveal of two groups left many fans wondering about the lack of werewolves and the types of content being released in general.

The Sims 4 She revealed two highly anticipated DLCs on her Twitter account on Thursday. Moonlight Chic Set It includes fashion sets inspired by French content creator Paola Locatelli with a hint from the cover that it might include something to do with coffee. small camp several Meanwhile, it adds outdoor camping elements for the kids, like forts and DIY games, as well as a display made from a white bed sheet. Although some players seemed excited by the news, others expressed concern about the lack of a werewolf life situation. Others pointed out how much collection content could be added in previous or future expansion packs and that some of it seemed to be repetitive for previous versions.

After the announcement of “Lights Out”, players concluded that werewolves would finally arrive The Sims 4. It is one of the most popular life situations than before Sims Entries, and many players have long expressed a desire to see them return alongside other states such as vampires and witches/witches. As a wolf howl was included in the trailer, many were very hopeful that their wishes would eventually come true. The lack of werewolf life status in the two announced sets led many fans to express their frustration or anxiety, while others pinned their hopes on the previously announced game package slated for sometime next month.

Others stated that the announced groups had increased their frustration with The Sims 4DLC for . It’s been nearly a year since the last expansion pack, and many are afraid to rely on smaller groups and gameplay or occasional game bundles. The Sims 4 It turned his DLC into a cash grab rather than worrying about creating substantive content players would want. Many have pointed out how the content revealed for new collections can easily be added to previous DLC packs or bundled together into a single expansion pack. Others take this to mean The Sims 4 It must end, and EA games must move on to creation The Sims 5.

Both sets release on May 26, while the game bundle is expected sometime in June. As of now, there is no word yet on the possibility of an upcoming or potential expansion pack The Sims 5 release, although the latter is hinted at in 2020. The Sims 4 Available to play now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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