Spy X Family Chapter 62 Part 3 Release Date: Twilight Meets Frankie


spy x family chapter 62 part 3
Spy X Family Chapter 62 Part 3 Release Date Cr: OtakuKart

The Tatsuya Endo Spy X family is a story that keeps getting better. And soon, Spy x Family Chapter 62 Part 3. Spy x Family Chapter 62 will be releasing a special chapter because it is divided into 3 parts, and reveals Twilight’s past. We’re sure we love the badass nature of Twilights. But we’ve read enough manga and watched enough anime to know that behind every badass character, there’s always a sad past. In the previous two parts, we saw how Twilight grew up.

Now, in Part 3 of Spy x Family Chapter 62, we’re about to see how Twilight made his way to where he is today. We are all excited to see what happens next. But, when will Chapter 62 Part 3 of Spy x Family be joining? Lots of questions need answering.

You will find all the answers you are looking for here. If you seem to have forgotten what happened earlier, we’re here to freshen your memory. We all want to know what to expect next in Spy x Family Chapter 62 Part 3. Then we are here to give a spark to your imagination. Most importantly, if you don’t know when and where to read Chapter 62, Part 3 of Spy x Family, we’re here to the rescue. So, without further delay, let’s get right into it.

What happened so far? Spy series, part two, episode 62

Chapter 62 is all about Twilight’s past. Twilight’s real name has not been revealed. But, his friends used to call him a counselor. Twilight and his friends were playing soldiers and dreaming of joining the war against the Austins. But his father was against this. His father wanted Twilight to spend his time studying instead of playing soldiers with his friends.

But one day he lied to his father that he needed some money to buy some books. His father gladly gave him the money. But, even after purchasing the right equipment, Twilight felt guilty that he had lied to his father. Then he decided to work on the next show so that he could earn money to go back to his father. But, out of nowhere, there was an explosion.

spy x family chapter 62 part 3
Chapter 62 (Parts 1 & 2) – Recap (Twilight’s Past)

The town he was supposed to work so hard to decorate for the upcoming exhibition was obliterated before his eyes. It was believed that the Austins were human-eating monsters. But his father made him believe in another way. His father kept asking him to study instead of dreaming of joining the war. Just when he began to believe there would be no war, the Ostanians declared war by throwing bombs. Only when Twilight decided to give up his game weapon did he get more reasons to pick up the real one. He lost everything thinking that there could be peace. But at the end of the second part, there was a familiar face.

What do you expect in Spy X Family Chapter 62 Part 3?

When someone is going through a dark time in life, all one needs is an anchor to hold onto. Twilight meets Frankie for the first time. We can expect to see how they became friends and how Frankie became the announcer of Twilight’s dark life. We might see how Twilight got his first true friend who never gave up and stayed through thick and thin. Frankie might just be a supporting character, but without such supporting characters, the main characters couldn’t be who they were meant to be. Sure, we can expect to see the role Frankie played in Twilight’s life in the upcoming Chapter 62 Part 3 of Spy x Family.

spy x family chapter 62 part 3
Predictions from Chapter 62 Part 3 – Frankie’s role in the last Twilights movie

When will Spy X Family Mission 62 Part 3 be launched?

Spy x Family Chapter 62 is divided into three parts. The first part of Chapter 62 contained 19 pages and was released on April 4, 2022. With 21 pages, the second part of Chapter 62 was released on April 18, 2022. Finally, Spy x Family Chapter 62 Part 3 will be released on May 16, 2022.

spy x family chapter 62 part 3
Spy X Family Chapter 62 Part 3 Release Date

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Where do you read Spy X Family?

For people who don’t know where to read “Spy x Family”, we are here to enlighten you. You don’t have to feel lost anymore, you can easily read all the previous and upcoming chapters of “Spy x Family” from meaning And mangaplus.

spy x family chapter 62 part 3
Where do you read “Spy X Family”?

For more future updates about “Spy x Family”, stay tuned with OtakuKart.

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