SSG: The Ultimate Creation of Dr. Vegapunk


During the most recent Reverie, world leaders voted to abolish the Shichibukai system.

Fujitora revealed that the world government intends to replace it with the creation of the SSG (Special Science Group), which is headed by Dr. Vejapunk.

My thoughts

Dr. Vijapunk was involved in both the creation of Pacifistas and research into cloning. His work includes the discovery of the secrets and uses of the seastone, the secrets of how the powers of the devil fruit work, the joint discovery of the Lineage factor and its applications, and many other scientific advances that are said to predate current technology by at least 500 years.

My guess is that SSG’s Secret Project will be the ultimate backlog of all of its past work combined. Specifically, I believe SSG has found a way to infuse the DNA of devil fruit users into a new version of Pacifistas, allowing them to mimic their powers.

I think the SSG will collect the various DNA samples from both the Marines and the prisoners from Impel Down.

Possible sources

  1. Akino
  2. Aokiji
  3. smoker
  4. Sengoku
  5. Magellan
  6. Doflamingo
  7. crocodile
  8. Mr. 1
  9. Kizaru
  10. Onigomo

In order to prevent them from becoming too energetic, I believe that each Pacifsita would only be able to imitate the power of one Devil Fruit at a time.

* theory stronger before 20

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