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One new criticism Star Trek Live action projects are the most advantageous of the cinematic visual effects budget when it comes to battles. latest episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds He does this too, but “Children of Comet” is the classic genre a trip A story born in the early days of low budget.

employment Star Trek: The Original Series, the carrier was only invented because production could not afford to produce the shuttles at first. Storytellers needed to transport characters to and from the USS projectHence this foundational element of privilege knowledge was born because it was a cheap influence. However, budget constraints are often imposed Star Trek Storytellers to get creative when it comes to conflict. Sure, there’s a brawl and maybe some shaky camera scenes on the ship, but the real climax of the episode has to be a lot smarter. The solution was not a battle, but intelligent thinking and teamwork.

With “Children of the Guilty” Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Delivers the same kind of story. The problem in this episode is essentially one of understanding. Thus, it makes sense that the character the episode focuses on is Celia Gooding’s Cadet Nyuta Aura. Fans of the franchise know this name, of course. However, instead of the Senior Communications Officer, Uhura is a Starfleet student serving in the USS project As a kind of on-the-job Starfleet training. A character who understands their “superpower” those otherwise incomprehensible beings is the perfect person to solve this week’s problem.

While they were in a relaxed routine phase of their journey, the crew of project He encounters an ancient comet on a planet’s collision course. The people on this planet, for lack of a better word, are primitive, living on a planet that is not particularly conducive to life flourishing. However, it would be simple for some sci-fi solutions from project To turn a little comet and save everyone. However, a breed of advanced aliens “patronized” the comet, which they call the Mihnit. They believe the comet is “one of the ancient rulers of life,” one of the last similar beings in the galaxy. They also excel projectso direct aggression is not an option.

What makes “Children of the Comet” a classic Star Trek The problem is that there is no good solution. Pike and the rest project The crew knows that physics determines a comet’s path, not fate. Patrons ask if they “adjust the height of the waves” or any other natural forces. The answer, of course, is that Starfleet did just that. We know that (at least through Star Trek IV: The Voyage HomeThe Federation has “weather satellites”. Starfleet will do anything they can use science to control to mitigate danger and save lives. However, they also try to respect the cultures of other species and realize that there are still things they don’t know about the universe.

Thus, it is up to Uhura, on her first mission away, to rescue everyone involved by figuring out how to talk to Mhente. The “how” they accomplish this scientifically does not matter as much as the “how” narration. Frightened and confused, Ahura lacks confidence in her abilities. After two copies of Spock “pep talk”, it’s almost a coincidence that they end up figuring out how to communicate with her. Not in the way that slow writing drops the answer into the lap of the characters. While that, Strange new worlds It builds a theme around the melody often ringed by Uhura, they are the key to breaking this ancient strange language. A little luck and a little more intelligence is all it takes project The crew has everything they need to solve the problem.

The last ingredient that makes Strange new worlds Episode 2 is pretty much a classic Star Trek Adventure is the unknown element that is added to the story. After the planet is saved, Uhura decrypts the message the alien sent them. The letter details their spontaneous plan to save the planet and not offend the sponsors. Mhennett seemed to know exactly what they were going to do, and to use Ora’s terminology, he “wanted” them to do what they do. How do Strange new worlds communicate Star Trek: Discovery, we know Captain Pike is particularly interested in knowing ahead of time, fate, and whether the future is set. However, Pike’s journey to accept his fate fell apart from everything else in the episode. The accident is 10 years away, so this is the place for it.

The Star Trek Older people know that he will not dazzle the masses with the visual spectacle. So they told emotional stories of morality, courage, hope, and failure. Strange new worlds, despite all the cinematic visual effects and huge sets, they effectively throw their emotional hooks. Despite Uhura’s uncertainty about her place in Starfleet, her unique skill set helps save millions of lives (including her own). Pike, destined to become permanently disabled, began to face his own destiny, somehow inspired by M’Hennett. Even Spock, who in this story is just about trying to become a more relatable leader, begins the episode disciplining Ora for actually laughing just to make her smile. For all the blaster blasts and the live visual effects of a space comet, the strongest part about this episode is the emotion.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds It shows fans that despite the bold steps the franchise is taking, no one has forgotten the original series. What started as a necessity due to budget imperfections has become a major formula for telling classics Star Trek stories. More than influences or even science, what makes up a trip Work is his heart. And the Comet Boys are brimming to the teeth. Gooding’s Uhura deserves both Starfleet and deserves to play this sweetheart original series Letter.

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