Teen Fuss Anime Reveals More Actors, Trailer, Video for the Show’s Training Center Arc – News


. official website aniplexoriginal tv anime Teen fuss (Gunjō no fuss) announced more cast, a new promotional video, and new visuals on Sunday for the show’s “training center” arc. The new arc will begin with episode eight on May 21.

New cast members include:

  • Yoko Hikasa As Akari Sumeragi, a 34-year-old animal trainer at the Training Center
  • Junya Inoki As Yukino Tayasu, a 28-year-old training assistant at the training center
  • Mitsuru Miyamoto Like Futoshi Kashino, the 53-year-old racehorse owner Keisuke in charge of the training center
  • Minako Kotobuki As Miko Kashino, Futoshi’s 12-year-old daughter
  • Yuichi Nakamura Like Kazuma Hayashida, a 42-year-old veteran knight

The anime was first shown on Tokyo MXAnd BS11And Gunma TVAnd Tochigi TV Channels on April 2. The site lists the anime in six Blu-ray Disc/DVD volumes with 13 episodes. Crunchy Roll Broadcasts the show as it airs.

The story takes place in a horse racing academy that trains boys to become jockeys. The three-year academy is very competitive, and those wishing to enter must not only pass an academic exam, but also a physical and fitness test. Yū Arimura is a former famous idol who became fond of horse racing after seeing him for the first time, and wants to join the academy. Shaun Kazanami grew up on an island and only experienced horse racing through radio broadcasts. Aman hails from an elite family in England, and his father was a former knight. Aman previously attended horse racing academies in different countries. The show follows these three 15-year-old boys and others at the academy.

Makoto Kato (bloom in youAnd Lord Milli II Case Files: Real Zeppelin Grace’s NoteHe directs the series in the studio Lay dos (You virgins in your savage seasonAnd The Magi: The Adventure of Sinbad). Hiro Kanzaki (Iromanga senseiAnd Eureka seven orAnd Oreimo) is the character design, and Hiroyuki Sawano (The attack on the GiantsAnd The seven deadly sins) composes music. Naohiro Fukushima is the main writer, and Tomokatsu Nagasako He is the main animation director.

boy band JO1 He performs the opening song “Move The Soul”. Sawano Hiroyuki[nZk] With Junki Kono And What is Yonashiro? (both from JO1) Performing the ending song “The Strangers”.

sources: Teen fuss anime websiteAnd Comedy Natalie

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