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North Star Fist manga illustrator Tetsuo Hara He drew the jacket illustration for the band’s latest single, Junretsu, which ships in Japan on June 8. Kazuyoshi Sakai Such as Raoh and Ryohei Odai as Toki and Shota Gogami as Jagi.

Sakai, who suggested the collaboration in the first place, announced that he was a fan of North Star Fist since his childhood. Shirakawa also commented that the series held a special place in his heart, and that as a child he wanted to become Kenshiro. He said he and his now-deceased father were singing the first ending theme together while listening to it on a cassette tape.

“It has been more than 30 years since I wrote in my primary school graduation book that I wanted to be a Kenshiro, and now that dream has finally come true,” he said.

Hara received the offer through comedian Chance Oshiro, a longtime acquaintance of Sakai. Hara commented, “I mixed up with Junretsu and was assigned an illustration for the members. But it was also a good opportunity, so I took the opportunity to attract the members who direct Hokuto Shinken. This would be the last time the members met with this lineup, I brilliantly sketched the current Junretsu in their climax!”

The group was formed in 2006 and consists of several tokusatsu actors. Uday announced in April that he would retire from the group by the end of the year.

the original North Star Fist manga Bronson And Tetsuo Hara running in Shueisha‘s Weekly Shonen Jump Journal from 1983 to 1988.

source: Comedy Natalie

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