The Apprentice gave Chenford fans a kiss on ‘Day in the Hole’

What follows contains spoilers for The Rookie Season 4 Episode 22, “Day in the Hole,” which aired Sunday, May 15 on ABC.

Most news about hamilton record This week it included officially becoming a franchise after ABC picked up its own show led by Niecy Nash stealing the show. However, the announcement came before the main series had a lot of drama of its own in the season four finale. Viewers witnessed several game-changing subplots in the previous episode, including Wesley’s decision that he wanted to change his profession and Nolan in trouble with the police union chief.

However, what was most talked about was that Bradford found out something very important about his girlfriend: she never wanted to get married. Viewers immediately began to speculate about it hamilton record He was opening the door for Bradford and Chen to finally become a couple. This discovery already had massive implications during the season finale, with Chenford having another big moment.

The main plot of “Day in the Hole” follows Nolan and Billy. As a form of punishment, the Guild Chief temporarily resettled Nolan to the border town of Frontera, and a lot happened there in a short amount of time. Nolan arrested the man at the top of the ATF’s most wanted list – but the next morning, a whole bunch of bad guys showed up and tried to bribe him to release the suspect. When he refuses, they engage Nolan and his deputy in a Wild West-style shootout. The whole story was very interesting, but served as a way to preview how Nolan would adapt as a training officer by showing him his interactions with his deputy.

There was more drama at the Los Angeles Police Department when Chen’s girlfriend Tamara bought a car from a confiscated car auction. Unfortunately, she was unable to keep it because the trunk was full of heroin. This was the catalyst for hamilton recordThe subplot, because former car owner Jake Butler looked exactly like Officer Bradford. The only difference between them was their mental ability. Butler wasn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier. To play around with their names, Chen decides to name the duo “Tim and Dim”.

After Dim sang like a bird, the LAPD had all the information about who he was delivering the drugs to. The team made the decision to send Bradford under the guise of “Dim” and try to arrest him further. The scheme worked so well when Bradford accepted another job from the drug dealers, so they postponed the arrest.

Another strange plot twist occurred when Lopez arrested “Dim” girlfriend Josie – she looked just like Officer Chen. This was clear hamilton record Chen and Bradford prepare to go undercover together. The secret operation didn’t happen in the end, but they started preparing for it, including practicing their own personal digital assistant so that they looked like a real couple. Bradford started with a quick kiss, but Chen put it on him.

Unfortunately, any further development of Chenford was halted when Tamara got them into kissing. Chen and Bradford both acted as if the kiss was totally professional, but it was clear to everyone involved that it was so much more than that. While hamilton record Fans don’t know for sure if the story of the Secret Operation will carry over in Season 5, it’s fairly obvious that Bradford and Chen are finally headed down the path to becoming Chenford.

The Rookie airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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