The best Nicole Kidman movies of the 2000s, ranked

Nicole Kidman She has worked with the best filmmakers in Hollywood and has continued to deliver high quality shows. by Stanley Kubrick (closed eyes) to Gus Van Sant )to die for), the Australian actress has proven her talents time and time again – including in her most recent efforts as Aaron Sorkin Being RicardosWhich earned her another Academy Award nomination. I just nailed it I love LucyLucille Ball.

However, Kidman’s only Oscar win came during the 2000s, which also saw other high-profile portrayals by the versatile performer and producer. The current generation probably knows Kidman better than her Emmy Award winning role Big Little Lies on the small screen. And it’s a catch to watch in Robert Eggers Latest Offers Northman, By the way. While we wait for the release of her next project in Hollywood, here’s a closer look at the turn of the millennium when it comes to Kidman’s work.

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Today’s movie

5 Happy Feet (2006)

happy feet It follows a young Mumble, born with a terrible singing voice in a world where no one else can carry a tune. Alternatively, he can tap to dance. Along with a few other penguins of different species, Mumble sets out to find the answer behind starvation in order to prove he’s worthy. This movie is packed with song and dance, backed by a star-studded cast of Kidman, Hugo Weaving, Elijah Wood, Hugh Jackman, Brittany Murphy, and Robin Williams. Kidman has expanded her reach with her impressive voice acting work here. Fun for the whole family cannot be missed.

4 The Others (2001)

“are you crazy? A.m Your Daughter “probably the scariest and most quotable line from Kidman Earnings 2001, the others. The unique story centers on Grace (Kidman), a devout, devout mother who transports herself and her children to the English coast during World War II. Pending news of her husband’s loss, Grace must protect her children from a rare disease that causes them to be sunk. When a kid claims to see ghosts, Grace thinks the new servants are playing tricks. Kidman’s intense and commanding on-screen personality here went on to secure her A-list status in Hollywood.

3 Dogville (2003)

As mentioned earlier, Kidman has worked with all the greats – and that includes controversial Danish author Lars von Trier. Kidman Championship 2003 Dogville As a mysterious woman hiding from the gangsters. Bryce Dallas Howard took charge of the sequel manderley, but Kidman’s performance takes the cake. To this day, movie fans still shriek and rave about this absurdly simple theatrical production—even to the point that the actors open and close imaginary doors. Von Trier is supposed to complete his country USA – Land of Opportunity A trilogy someday, but only time will tell. There’s no denying that the faint and emotional Kidman transforms Dogville It is sufficient reason to check this polarizing voltage.

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2 Moulin Rouge! (2001)

Many of us are counting the days until the release of the next Baz Luhrmann movie Elvis , Co-starring Tom Hanks. In the meantime, one of Luhrmann’s best films to pass the time can be revisited. 2001 Miramax Musical Moulin Rouge! It is one of the most famous roles of Nicole Kidman. She plays sick Satine alongside Ewan McGregor, Natalie Mendoza, John Leguizamo, Jim Broadbent and Richard Roxburgh. Kidman rightly earned a Best Actress Oscar nomination, and her chemistry with McGregor suffices to verify this unique tale about an English poet’s downfall as a Paris cabaret actress.

Kidman once said, “I’m dancing in high heels, I broke my rib, I ripped my knee. I did all the things I was meant to do while creating great art.” Hey ho! Regarding injuries sustained during production. “I grew up in a family where musicals are highly respected, so casting a musical was like ‘I made it.’ It was phenomenal, and a pleasure to be in this movie.”

1 Watches (2002)

Yes, this he is Nicole Kidman co-stars hours – What a transformation! Stephen Daldry’s groundbreaking effort in 2001 is perhaps one of the most iconic performances of Kidman’s career. After all, it was the role that earned her an Academy Award win. Along with Kidman, Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore also star in this unique drama. Here, we follow each of the three women at different times and generations, as their lives are linked through Virginia Woolf’s novel. Mrs. Dalloway. Fitted with a prosthetic nose, Kidman rightly garnered accolades that year for her charismatic and seductive role as Wolf herself.


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