The best Rob Reiner movies ranked, from Stand by Me to When Harry Met Sally

A sequel to the satirical classic was announced this week This is Spinal Tap It was in development with the original cast. It’s certainly not the only time in recent memory that a “legacy sequel” to a classic comedy has united the original stars. movies like Coming 2 America and the latest Holiday Try to make money from the same feelings of nostalgia. What was noticeable in the ad was not the sequel itself, but the man who would have been behind the camera. A native This is Spinal Tap boss Rob Reiner He is expected to return to make a sequel to his original classics. It was a surprising announcement considering where Renner’s career has been heading lately. In the past few decades, Renner’s films have largely flown under the radar. Does anyone remember Shock and Awe, LBJ, or schissey?

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It’s easy to forget that Rainer was once the manager of his generation. Only a few classic filmmakers are fortunate enough to produce a film that is synonymous with the same genre. Rainer did it multiple Occasions. It’s quite amazing to think of how much variety and complete success his hits had in the ’80s and ’90s, with the exception of north. Rainer is one of our best directors. He could make more than ten memorable films and is still on the list of movie history. Each of Renner’s classics could easily be called his ultimate effort, so tidying them up was no easy task. Here are Rob Reiner’s seven best films, ranked from awesome to greatest.

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7- US President (1995)

Even if you are tired Aaron Sorkinpolitical optimism and simplistic views of the nature of democracy, USA President It’s easier to forgive because he’s so charming. Who else would have thought that the President of the United States was a romantic leader? Reiner does enough with the political background to make the story feel real, but he really enjoys the tormented romance at the center. President Andrew Shepherd (Michael DouglasGrieving the death of his wife, he falls in love with activist Sydney Elaine Wade.Annette Bening). Of course, he’s also in the middle of the election trying to dodge disingenuous Republican rivals and pass a critical crime bill, rightfully so. West Wing fashion. The fact that Rainer makes the relationship seem cute and natural is precisely why the movie is so brilliant.

6- Misery (1990)

misery He definitely stunned fans when it debuted, and Kathy BatesThe horrifying role as Annie Wilkes is the rare performer in a horror film to win an Oscar (and the only character in king steven Adaptation). However, the subject matter misery The time is now more than ever. The story of an obsessed fan, who feels that they “know” their favorite creator, is so timely of the current discourse in the fandom that it’s annoying to watch. Reiner seems to have predicted the emergence of a toxic fandom, and what happens when an artist encounters someone who takes their work road Seriously. It is also one of the best films about writing itself; Rayner spends time focusing on how Paul Sheldon (James Can) begins his creative process.

5. When Harry Met Sally…(1989)

Sure, it’s easy to look back When Harry Met Sally… Now describe it as problematic. There are definitely elements Billy CrystalThe character who wouldn’t fly today, and a lot of the jokes are a little motivating now. But, When Harry Met Sally… Witch as she was in 1989 due to Renner’s intent. He is clearly not acting in bad faith, and is doing his best to make both Harry (Crystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan) is linked and defective. Nor was he ignorant of the female perspective; In addition to co-writing the film with Nora EphronRenner included notes from his co-star Carrie Fisher.

4. This Is Spinal Tap (1984)

This is Spinal Tap It is the ultimate simulation. Parodies often rely on cameos to make them feel real, but This is Spinal Tap It’s so accurate to what the rock scene in the mid-’80s looked like that musicians love it The scorpion And Eddie Van Halen He confessed They can’t even watch the movie Because she is very emotional. This is Spinal Tap It is “Warts and Everyone”‘s depiction of the reality of a band that lives big, then drifts away. It has entrenched itself in pop culture history beyond famous phrases like “Order it until 11.” The cast has returned to reprise their roles and provide performances for the film’s original soundtrack.

3 – A Few Good Men (1992)

Some good men Another Sorkin collaboration, Reiner has come up with the perfect way to make theater intimacy work on the big screen. since then Sydney Lumetclassic 12 angry menHollywood personalities struggled to revive iconic plays. How do you make something move at the movie’s pace when it’s designed for a secluded setting? Some good men He has the driving force of excitement. Lieutenant Daniel Caffee (Tom Cruiseand Lieutenant Commander JoAnne GallowayDemi Moore) in a time race to prove that “Code Red” ordered by Colonel Nathan R. Jessup (Jack Nicholson) to the unintended death of a Marine during training. Exciting courtroom scenes. Cruz blends confidence and heroism, and Nicholson has rarely been a glorified Hamie. If you do not realize the brilliance of what Reiner does Some good menthen “You can’t handle the truth!”

2 – The Princess Bride (1987)

“As you wish.” Rainer has mastered many genres, but princess bride It is a masterpiece of multiple species. Is it one of the best romantic comedies ever, one of the best epics ever made, one of the best fantasy movies ever, or one of the best adventure movies ever made? You can even make a case princess bride It is an excellent example of literary criticism, as you get an insight into the reality of a fairy tale from a young boy. however you choose to select the movie, princess bride Filled with some of the greatest characters in cinema history. Brave swordsman Wesley (Carrie Eloise), Buttercup is not exactly a girl in distress (Robin Wright), the rogue mercenary Inigio Montoyo (Mandy Patinkin)Andre the GiantChampionship embodiment.

1. Stand by Me (1986)

stand by me It is a powerful summation of what it means to grow up. It is one of the rare films that depicts the beautiful simplicity of a short story. Rainer shows what fleeting memories look like to children reflecting on the distinctive experiences of their youth. Reiner was able to let Will Wheaton, Corey Feldman, River Phoenix, And Jerry O’Connell Interact like real children, and the realism makes the last moments so heartbreaking. Reiner made many standout moments, but none of his endings stuck with you in the same way.

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The supplemental release date for ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ is set for 2024

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