The Best Sam Raimi Movies (and How to Watch Them)

It’s very exciting to see Sam Raimi turn his obvious and dazzling talent into a comic book movie again for the first time since he helped revolutionize the genre by… Spider Man Triple. What was particularly satisfying Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness is how he uses some of the scariest stylistic elements that the director is famous for inventing with evil dead Movies.

Of course, there’s a lot more to find in the director’s filmography other than some of the best horror movies and blockbuster comics of all time. In fact, he’s tried his hand at just about every genre you can think of, often combining some of them into unique blends. See for yourself by streaming, digitally renting, or actually buying our pick of the best Sam Raimi movies, starting with the franchise that put him on the map.

Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead II

(Photo credit: De Laurentiis Entertainment Group (DEG))

The Evil Dead films (1981-1992)

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