The Essex Serpent Season 1 Episode 3 Watch Online


Breaking Down The Essex Serpent Season 1 Episode 3 With Subtitles
The Essex Serpent Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3 of the first season of The Essex Serpent saw another incident involving a serpent stalking the city. This time, the townspeople had someone to blame. Last time on the show, Will thought Cora’s insight into the whole snake condition might help the town’s kids even more. At the same time, relieve tension.

So, Cora took a class only to find herself lost when it came to answering questions about snakes in children. Children think that it is hiding the fact that the snake is coming for them. Naomi soon had an epileptic fit, but the kids thought she was calling him out as the episode drew to a close. The third episode of The Essex Serpent sees the aftermath of what happened at the school.

The Essex Serpent Season 1 Episode 3 Watch Online

Episode 3 of Season 1 of The Essex Serpent begins with a group of fishermen who sense that something is underwater. They felt as if the Essex Serpent was approaching them because they somehow managed to escape.

Locke returns to town after Korra sends him an invitation. Korra tells him what happened with the children while she was trying to tell them about the snake. Cora wanted Luke to investigate and see if there was a rationale behind this situation.

Events from The Essex Serpent Season 1 Episode 3
The Essex Serpent Season 1 Episode 3

Meanwhile, Will tried to talk to Joe, who wasn’t ready to open it up. Moreover, parents are now afraid to send their children to Matthew School. Matthew also forbade Naomi from setting foot in the school, thinking she was summoning a serpent.

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Cora and Luke agree while Luke tries to push her passion back. They also find out what happened with the Hunters. Also, the fact that the townspeople think Cora is the reason the snake reacts more and attacks them.

For his part, Luke introduced Cora to hypnosis. They plan to try this on Joe so they can understand how you feel. With Stella’s approval, Luke hypnotizes her. Jo reveals that she and Naomi were responsible for bringing the serpent while they were casting some kind of spell.

Watch Ending For The Essex Serpent Season 1 Episode 3 watch online
The Essex Serpent Season 1 Episode 3

Will interrupted treatment and was unhappy with what Locke was doing to his child. He could attack Luke. Korra intervened before he could do anything else. She was definitely not happy with Will’s behavior.

Cora later doubted whether she was right when it came to performing hypnosis on Joe without asking Will. Cora tried to apologize but was stubborn, which leads to an argument between Will and Cora. The episode ends with Cora and Will intimately present as Stella looks out her window.

The Essex Serpent Season 1 Episode 3 Episode 3 with subtitles

Episode 3 of Season 1 of The Essex Serpent continues, for the greater part of the episode, to delve into the idea that there might be a logical explanation for this serpent’s story. This is the main reason why Korra invited Locke to join her. They spent the time figuring out if there was a way to tell what the kids were feeling.

Luke recently succeeded in making people believe that heart surgery is possible after he saved his life with this procedure. Likewise, he was hoping hypnosis was something that might work here to get some answers.

Our thoughts on The Essex Serpent Season 1 Episode 3
The Essex Serpent Season 1 Episode 3

For the first time, the show delved into the supernatural side of things towards the end, as Joe revealed that a spell had summoned the serpent. How much truth can the upcoming episodes tell us.

Meanwhile, the show sowed seeds for the townspeople to hate Korra. We actually saw one such example during Gracie’s funeral. Now people blame her head on, and blame her for everything to do with the snake, from the accident in class to what the hunters saw.

At the same time, Cora and Will may have found themselves arguing here. But they grow up close to each other, and we wonder how Stella will react to this in the next episode.

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