The new Power Rangers base changed everything

The following contains major spoilers for Mighty Morphin #19, available now from Boom! studios.

For nearly thirty years, Power Rangers have been protecting the universe from all kinds of threats. Unfortunately, some bureaucratic orders hampered the efforts of the heroes for a long time. For whatever reason, the original Rangers teams have always acted under strict rules of anonymity. However, now Rangers have received a new base order that completely changes the way they traditionally work.

Although they have just survived a single cosmic encounter, the remaining Rangers on Earth are soon embroiled in another devastating attack, this time by the Automoton Dominion. Once the threatening king Aradon is confronted by the Green Ranger in The great morphine #19 (By Mat Groom, Moises Hidalgo, Raul Angulo, Ed Dukeshire), the villain shows an almost unstoppable penchant for violence that a Ranger can’t stand. As the only hero left to defend Earth, Rocky steps in to save the situation, even if it means jeopardizing his secret identity, and even Zordon is willing to stray from the old rules in favor of saving lives.

Despite Zordon’s previously steadfast adherence to the rules and customs of his position, the Rangers’ Master had recently gained a new perspective on how much damage the old standards had done. The clearest example is the tragic fate of the original Zordon team on Earth, the 1969 Power Rangers led by Grace Stirling, founder of Promethea. When a moon landing mission unleashes an imprisoned Psycho Green, Zordon assembles his first team to put an end to the threat. Unfortunately, Grace was one of only two survivors of her team’s first outing, and upon their return the Rangers were unceremoniously stripped of their power and laid off.

This event led to Grace founding Promethea, although it does not appear to have had any real emotional impact on Zordon. Stirling’s former mentor was unaffected by the shock his actions had caused her, and the two often met as antagonists in later years. Although she was a mentor to his guards on occasion, Grace often received outright threats towards her operations. If anything, Zordon’s attitude toward Grace and her allies only endangered the world by breaking down trust between heroes who wish to protect the world.

Now that Zordon had dealt with the true consequences of his actions, it seemed like a new era was on the horizon. This might indicate that the Power Rangers would be able to work with allies like Grace and Matthew without having to worry about being stripped of their power.

However, getting to this point means defeating the current onslaught of robot terror that has reached Angel Grove, as well as everything that Dark Specter has in store for them next. Assuming Zordon was serious about his ‘never lose another Ranger’ decree, he might now be on the cusp of creating the strongest alliance of Power Rangers to date.

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