The NYC Experience, plus Sneak Peek photos and season 4 clues


Netflix and Fever give fans the opportunity to unleash their powers and visit the famous sites of the Hawkins – including the Upside Down – through an immersive experience in New York City.

Held in The Duggal Greenhouse in Brooklyn, the 35,000 square feet area has been converted to welcome Weird things Stands in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. dementia game He was able to attend a press preview of the experiment on May 11 and meet the team behind the magic, as well as some of the “regular members of Hawkins”. Here’s everything fans need to know about attendance Stranger Things: Experience As Eleven says, “Friends don’t lie.”

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The experience begins with the normal ticketing and registration process, so one might think. But rather than being asked for tickets to the experiment, attendees are greeted by characters in doctor’s white coats who show that Hawkins’ lab is conducting a sleep study, and those in the room are their willing participants. Guests are divided into a series of color-coordinated groups and asked to put all phones and recording devices in their pockets. After being brought into the next room, two guest speakers take the stage and begin the orientation process. However, things quickly go wrong and the sounds Weird thingsCreative teens are heard through intercoms. Once the lights start flashing and the informational video malfunctions, workers cover the ground rules and push attendees to the next room.

This is where the technical things start to appear. After a quick puzzle and determination of the group leaders, the teams are asked to test their strength. While it may sound a little cheesy, this writer encourages full engagement. It’s the group’s collectiveness that sells the experience – it’s the quick glances at the surrounding strangers, the absurdity of asking for direction from the group leader, and knowledge of this unconventional world that makes this 40-minute, all-hands-on deck battle against monsters and evil Martin Brenner an unforgettable experience.

Study turns quickly Upside down Dustin and Erica are also seen in the hatches. They prompted a chaotic upheaval on the set and with the help of the participants, they eventually ended up hacking the building’s video system – with the show’s actors on screen and directing the rest of the adventure.

Without letting go of too many spoilers, the duration of the experience flashes as participants find themselves intrigued by the latest in holograms and mechanical engineering. The second half of the experience packs in a few strong jumps and clues for next season. In the final ten minutes, attendees will find themselves fully convinced they have powers as they pass through a lousy latex crack to the upside-down—but not before slipping on a pair of “safety gear”—as they help Eleven and Max defend a group of Demogorgons. When the realistic creatures jump, the group is asked to use their power to defeat the monsters en masse. The stories are told at such an expert level that at one point one participant raised her hand, without excuse, to use her power against the creature and yelled, “Oh! I forgot that’s not how it works.”

This is not a one time reaction. In our exclusive interview with General Tours Director George Agboya, he said, “My favorite part [of the experience] Watching everyone’s expressions. I’ll be honest, I’m actually sneaking into the world of the Upside Down, just so I can watch people of all ages interact with technology. When certain things happen and I see them looking surprised or laughing, it makes it all worthwhile.”

After the task is completed, participants exit to The Mixtape which is an interactive recreation of the Starcourt Mall, complete with the infamous Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop, Family Video, and an arcade (with action games). The area also has a merchandise stall and bar laden with Hawktails (weird-themed cocktails) – we recommend “The Rifter” – and a few costumes from the chain. Participants can take pictures in the featured settings which also include Byers’ living room, telephone booth, and pulsating demogorgon.

The Mixtape is also where the Hawkins Nationals come to hang out. Don’t be afraid to get involved with Hawkins Post journalist Dylan and his budding student Darren, or ask Tyler of Family Video about his feud with local skater Stephanie/Stephanie.

Once the initial hype wears off, fans may notice that there are quite a few unfamiliar places in this area. Agbuya tells us, “We have three new items from Season 4. We have Hellfire Club, Surfer Boy Pizza, and Rink-O-Rama. Here’s a little sneak peek at what Season 4 is coming up this month.”

While Netflix and Fever flawlessly gain their weight through the experience, participants have to enter with an open mind and a desire to share in all the good things that teens have to get the most out of the experience. It’s a Stranger Things fan’s dream and the perfect build for the upcoming season. Tickets are limited and prices start at $54 per person and can be booked Stranger Things Experience. The experience will open in San Francisco, London and other cities around the world later this year.

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