The Package K-Drama Cast: Where are they now?

by Youssef

The jTBC drama k-Package The Package was released back in 2017, and it has made the rounds on TV screens all over the world. K-drama lovers or not, the korean drama slice of life is back in the right direction. Intrigued by the story and the actors’ performance, fans have been wanting to know more about the cast of The Package k-Drama. But what was the story? The Korean drama The Package followed a girl named Yoon So So who lives alone away from home in Paris. She is not on good terms with her family because they never wanted her to leave the country.

And the man she came with left her alone in the foreign country. But on the other side, there is someone who is looking for her. A guy named Yoon So, who just got out of prison, is looking for So So and he’s in Paris now. So he has no idea about it. Working as a tour guide, she leads Korean tourists through the beautiful city. While she was preparing for another batch, she had no idea what was coming for her. Welcoming the new batch of seven tourists.


The group consists of a married couple who have been together for 7 years, an older couple consisting of a demanding and whiny husband and his mature wife, a man traveling with a younger woman, and a single man. While the story is amazing, the cast members of The Package k-Drama have done a lot of work to make the experience for viewers beautiful.

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Meet The Package K-Drama Cast: Where Are They Now?

While The Package has only 2 main cast, the support team has played a great and important role as well.

Jung Young Hwa

CNBLUE member Jung Yong Hwa plays San Ma Roo, the show’s lead man. Some of his must-see Korean dramas include Marry Him If You Dare, Sell Your Haunted House, and The Three Musketeers. As of now, Jung Yong Hwa is all set for a comeback with upcoming K-dramas Brain Corporation and ‘It’s You, Out of the Blue’.

Lee Yeon Hee

The model-turned-actor has been active in the industry since 2001 under SM Entertainment. Some of Yun Hee’s must-see Korean dramas include East of Eden, One Fine Day, Paradise Farm, and Miss Korea. As of now, Lee Yun Hee has recently starred in the K-drama ‘Welcome To Wedding Hell’ on Netflix. She is scheduled to play the lead role in the upcoming Korean drama “Race”.

u park

SM Entertainment Can’t Play Well’s drummer, Yoon Park, has been acting for a while now. Some of its must-watches include Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life, Legal High, Radio Romance, and Introverted Boss. As of now, Yoo Park recently starred in the Korean drama Love Forecasting and the Weather. It also contains the upcoming Korean drama “Send a Fan Letter”.

The Package K-Drama Cast

The Package K-Drama Cast

Choi Woo Shik and Ha Shi Yoon

Beginning in 2010, Choi Woo Shik has a lot of popular Korean dramas to his name. Some of the must-sees include Rooftop Prince, The Boy Next Door, and Our Beloved Summer. As of now, Choi Woo Shik is presenting the upcoming Korean drama Murder DIEary. Playing supporting roles since 2009, Ha Shi Eun is finally getting some lead roles. The actress recently appeared in the Korean drama 2022 Cleaning Up alongside Yeom Jung Ah and Jeon So Min.

Lee Ji Hyun and Jung Kyu Soo

Lee Ji Hyun one of our favorite moms on the K-drama scene recently appeared in the 2022 K-dramas like Love All Play, Green Mothers’ Club, Thirty-Nine, and All of Us Are Dead. Jung Kyu Soo, one of our favorite dads on the K-drama scene, recently appeared in the 2022 K-drama I Haven’t Done My Best Yet.

Ryu Seung Soo and Park Yoo Na

Ryu Seung Soo recently appeared in the 2022 Korean drama Bloody Heart. Beginning in 2015, Park Yoo Na has drawn attention after her role in the Korean drama True Beauty. She recently appeared in the Korean drama Rookie Cops. As of now, Park Yoo Na is all set to star in the upcoming K-drama It’s You, Out of the Blue, and the movie Long Distance.

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