The real reason he lost his leg!

by Youssef

The background to how Zack lost a leg varies between the anime and manga. In the manga, he cut it with a stone and ate it to live.

In the anime, he lost it during a shipwreck in an attempt to save Sanji. Zeff’s leg got stuck in the wreck and he tied the ship’s anchor chain around, causing the leg to rip when the ship was thrown around by the tides and tightened the chain.

As Oda emphasized, the change was due to censorship, which was seen as a huge shock to young children.

A question: “When I watched the One Piece anime, in the same part of Volume 7, Chapter 57, “Dreams Have a Cause,” he says the reason why Zeff lost his leg in the shipwreck… Did they change that looking at the young kids watching the show?”

Oda: “Yes. Hearing ‘eat your leg’ in that episode would be a huge shock to young children. When you consider that a medium like television has tens of millions of viewers, neglecting such a consideration would be a huge mistake. It’s amazing that all these animators can go on In creating such great shows while still thinking about these things all the time!! If you feel love watching the show, please everyone send fan messages to Toei Animation. Everyone out there will rejoice.”

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