The touching meeting of Jonathan Cohen and the manager of the Out of Context account: “Come into my arms”


At the premiere of Le Flambeau, Jonathan Cohen met Out Of Context creator Jonathan Cohen on Twitter. And his reaction is exceptional.

He is the source of one of the most hilarious Twitter arcs of the start of 2022. By creating the Twitter account Out Of Context Jonathan Cohen, he certainly had no idea. But on November 7, 2021, he shared a compilation of the actor mimicking a police siren. The video will take little by little, until it becomes a real phenomenon. The “WEEEU WEEEUU” and “well done joe» then abound on Twitter, giving rise to quite funny tweets and contributing greatly to the craze around Jonathan Cohen.

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Jonathan Cohen:Come into my arms bro»

Thus, at the preview of Torch, @OutOfCohen caught up with the actor giving rise to quite a remarkable life moment. The actor thanks his fan again and again, hugs him twice and seems very grateful. A discussion then begins, the content of which we do not necessarily understand, but the essence is elsewhere. The reaction lives up to what Jonathan Cohen exudes: funny, heartfelt and even touching. A great burst of joy.

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