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The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1049, “The World It Should Be”, by Ichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Sutton, available in English from Viz Media.

Chapter 1048 begins with Momonosuke struggling to keep Onigashima away through Luffy’s attack. Kaido set himself on fire using the Flame Dragon torch, burning Luffy’s hand in the process. The two unleashed their attacks, but they were equal. In a flashback, the fall of Wano is shown, from the death of Odin to the effect of the factories on the crops and surrounding water. Orochi threatened to kill Hiyori, but Denjiro arrived in time and killed him.

The clash between Kaido and Luffy rages on as Chapter 1049 begins. In the midst of their power struggle, Kaido praises Luffy for his progress, but he still doesn’t believe that Straw Hat has what it takes to change the world. After that, he returns to his past.

Walking between a war-torn city, Kid Kaido has been praised for being a strong soldier at just ten years old. Leaping forward, 46 years before the current battle, Kaido wonders why the Kingdom of Vodka should respond to and honor the Celestial Dragons. The tribute is collected by waging war on other regions. If they do not honor them, they will be stripped of their human rights.

He is then sent into the Navy by his relatives when he is about 13 years old, as they can no longer control him. Part of his enlistment conditions is to get a seat at the next fantasy party, which infuriates Kaido. He declares that he is not a political pawn. At one point, he escapes the Marines, which is part of a pattern that allows him to catch himself just to make sure he has food to eat before he escapes again.

Two years later, on Fullalead Island, he stands victorious after a quarrel at the age of 15. Whitebeard asks young Kaido if he wants to join the crew of the Rocks, which he agrees. After venturing into God Valley and attacking several world nobles, the Rocks Pirates lost to Garp and Roger after the two reunited, shocking everyone who hears the news. It is suspected that infighting played a role in their defeat.

10 years after the fall of the Rock Pirates, Kaido has established his own crew and gained a fearsome reputation. King at his side, listening as Kaido and Kurozumi Higurashi talk about the nature of humans and how strength is what solves problems. Higurashi likens them to animals, which Kaido fully agrees with.

She went on to state that the weapons are “talking loud” and suggested a deal to Kaido. Kaido continues to declare war against the nobles of the world. In a discussion with King, Kaido said that Yamato was talking about Joyboy and how Oden wanted to open up Wano’s borders so that Joyboy could come. He goes on to say he knows the identity of Joyboy, whom King asks who she is.

Back in the present, the remaining CP0 agent is on the run from Onigashima. Momonosuke watches the fight from below before Yamato calls out to him to create the clouds of flame needed to move the island. He tries again to create it, but still struggles. Meanwhile, the citizens of Flower Capital are still celebrating and launching sky boats into the air.

In the performance hall, the remaining fighters start hearing screams of some kind coming from the castle. They wonder what the noise is, but soon find out when the water wave created by Raizo breaks. The various groups that were still inside swept the wave, including Brook, Robin, Usopp, Kikunojo, and Kin’emon. Sanji and the women from the Pleasure Hall were also flooded. The water rushes through the treasure depot, where Hiyori and Denjiro are. Denjiro talks to Hiyori as he hugs her, telling her that she was brave and strong.

Outside, the Kaido Flame Clouds finally disappear completely when Kaido asks Luffy what kind of world he can create. Momonosuke gives her one last shot and manages to create a plume of clouds and successfully move the island from below Kaido and Luffy. With him out of range, Luffy answers Kaido’s question as he puts all his power into one last attack. “I will make a world where my friends can eat as much food as they want!!”

Finally, after a hard struggle, Luffy was able to breach Kaido’s defenses and push him to the ground below. When he falls, he reflects on his conversation with King, stating that Joyboy will be the one to defeat him in the end. As the residents of the Flower Capital watch the Skyboats carry their desires for freedom and peace into the sky, Momonosuke and Onigashima land safely on land outside the city.

The next chapter of One Piece will be available on Sunday, May 29th.

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