This classic shoujo anime about rock and roll is coming to HIDIVE in May

hid announce Today he will be broadcasting the 2006 romantic shoujo anime Nana In a new redesigned HD format produced by parent company Sentai Filmworks.

Based on the 21st century manga by Ai Yazawa, author Heaven’s kiss and other classic shoujo titles, Nana Posted by card captor sakura Director Morio Asaka at the famous Madhouse Animation Studio. The 47-episode series follows 20-year-old rock musician Nana Osaki and her roommate Nana Komatsu as they come of age in Tokyo and pursue jobs, relationships, and possibly even each other.

Sentai announced last year that it would be releasing the new HD remaster of the mature musical story with a sub-trailer below. Both home versions will be available dubbed and secondary.

In 2004, Yazawa collaborated with American musicians Courtney Love and Tokyo founder Pop Stuart Levi to illustrate gothic romance manga about a troubled rock star, Princess Ai. The three-volume series received a supplemental manga in 2008. Princess Ai: Midnight Dawn Prismby American television writer Kristen Boylan.

In 2005, Yazawa Nana The manga has been adapted into a live action movie by Kentarō Ōtani. It was successful enough to receive a film sequel in 2006, Nana 2but many of the main cast members did not return.

You can stream Nana In HD on Hidive starting May 20 at 11 a.m. ET. Sentai will release the remastered version on Bluray on May 17th.

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