Here are some spoilers for This Is Us, Season 6, Episode 17, “The Train,” which aired Tuesday, May 17 on NBC.

this is us The show is coming to a close, and during its penultimate episode, the show uses the visual metaphor of a train journey to depict Rebecca as she processes her life and passes for death. The episode was tearful as it showed the main characters saying goodbye to the central character of the series. Not only that, but it also showed Rebecca saying goodbye to her life and loved ones as well. She did not take the journey on the train alone – she was joined by William, Randall’s father, who acted as her guide. While William served admirably in this role, Miguel was a much better choice.

Miguel is on the train, but he and Rebecca don’t get much time together as you head toward the end of class. Considering that a good portion of the final season recorded their relationship, it seemed odd that it didn’t have much of an impact on their crossing. When Rebecca was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, she put her life and health in Miguel’s hands. She grew to become incredibly dependent on him as her health deteriorated. When he died before her, she left her frightened and very scared. When she was dying, she had to find her guidance from Miguel – because he gave exactly that to life.

Rebecca’s relationship with William was very complicated, so it felt contrived this is us Make him her guide. His role as another pub patron should have been in the food cart alongside Dr. K, who is finally back after not coming back early. William was sober, but he didn’t have to share an alcoholic drink with Rebecca; He could have had anything. Dr. K helped bring Rebecca’s children into the world, and so did William. William’s character would have been better represented for being alongside Doctor K, and his relationship with Rebecca was better resolved that way.

William was unable to be a father to Randall when he was born, but he did help bring his son into a family that could take care of him properly. William gave Rebecca her third child, letting her live the life she loved. William is better at being a guest on the train than being a guide to Rebecca. He could have offered his great advice and gentle wisdom just as effectively as a guest, but when it came to helping advance the narration, Miguel would have made a much greater impact.

this is us She did not focus on Rebecca’s illness, which caused confusion between her marriage to Jack and her marriage to Miguel. The idea was explored briefly at Kate’s second wedding when she saw Kevin as Jack, but not much further than that. If Miguel had served as her mentor, there would have been a chance to have a difficult conversation about how she loved Miguel, but her afterlife would be spent with Jack, as mentioned in the last moments of the episode. It was Jack who brought Rebecca into Miguel’s life in the first place, so it was poetic for Miguel to bring Rebecca back to Jack.

William is a wonderful character in this is us A fan favorite, but misused when he acted as a guide for Rebecca on the train. Sure, he should have been in the ring, and they should have had their moment, but their relationship wasn’t accurately represented when he took her on her journey. In doing so, he took the role away from Miguel, who fits the part better in terms of his relationship with Rebecca and the story that this is us He was trying to say.

This Is Us series finale will be broadcast on NBC on May 24, 2022.

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