Top 10 male singers from the third generation of K-pop


Top male K-pop singers

K-Pop music is defined by its stunning visuals, intricate choreography as well as heavenly vocals. A lot of times, singing gets overlooked when you’re watching a live show. The good looks and charisma of the idols are in charge. But there are some idols of all levels who are not only great performers but have angel singing. When they sing, we get an idea of ​​what heaven must feel like. These guys are amazing. Here I will give you my ranking of the top 10 male singers from third generation K-Pop groups.

The third generation K-Pop groups include all the bands that debuted between 2009-2018. We have only had some of the most famous collections in existence from this time period. From EXO and BTOB to NCT, the era has been called the golden generation for all the right reasons. The groups are filled with surplus talent and really great music from them. I am going to list some of my favorite singers from 3rd generation K-pop groups, it will all depend on their vocal strength.

Top 10 singers

Personally, I know a little music, and then I will try to include all the nice singers. Although I would add that the list is not in any particular order, as I am not qualified enough to judge it. Also, if I missed any of your favorites, I apologize in advance. As the list is limited, meanwhile, the number of talented singers out there is good and unlimited.

With that out of my chest (father) let’s start with the list.

10. Kihyun (MONSTA X)

MONSTA X’s Kihyun’s voice is truly one in a million. His position is the vocalist of MONSTA X, and he represents his position. Kihyun recently made his solo debut with Voyager, and we’re glad he did. It’s too late. The song gave the opportunity for Monbebes and us to appreciate his vocals. Furthermore, Kihyun has already given us some singles as OSTs for K-Dramas. Love Virus from “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” It is one of my favorite korean drama songs.

Best Male Singers in K-Pop
Kihyun from MONSTA X

9. Doyoung (NCT)

NCT’s Doyoung has one of the softer voices. NCT debuted in 2016 and has a total of 23 members, divided into 4 sub-units. It feels like a lot of people, and they are! But each of them is very talented, be it rapping, dancing or singing. Doyoung is one of the lead singers, and you’ll know why when you hear him sing. Doyoung often posts songs by other artists, and they’re absolutely sweet to ears. Doyoung’s cover of Crash’s “Beautiful” won the hearts of many when he sang it on Masked Singer.

Best Male Singers in K-Pop
Doyoung from NCT

8. Taeil (NCT)

Another NCT member makes it to the list. Moon Taeil is one of NCT’s best vocals, and I know NCTzens would totally agree with me. His high notes can send you to the moon. On every NCT ​​song featuring Taeil, you can easily tell when he’s singing. His voice quality is totally unique and NCTzens can’t help but add to his vocals and buzz. Taeil is truly one of the best male singers in K-Pop. Taeil’s swoon-worthy voice was recently part of the soundtrack to the hit drama Twenty Five Twenty One. The song Starlight features Taeil and a cute love song that gives us all the feel and fits the sentiment of the show as well.

Male singers in K-Pop
Teal from NCT

7. Baekhyun (Exo)

Exo is perhaps the group that marked the beginning of the popularity of the third generation of K-Pop around the world. Exo debuted in 2012, and its 12 members were split into Exo-K for Korean members and Exo-M for Mandarin members. Since 2014, Exo has performed on a large scale with one group. Furthermore, Exo now contains two Exo-CBX subunits which include Baekhyun, Chen, and Xiumin. Baekhyun is very popular among fans due to his beautiful singing. He has released solo music since 2019 and also sang for OSTs of famous dramas like Do You Like Brahms and Doom At Your Service. Baekhyun’s song “Bambi” is the latest song, and it’s guaranteed to make you fall in love with him.

Male singers in K-Pop
Baekhyun from EXO

6. Seungkwan (seventeen)

List of singers for a decade deserved members Seventeen. Seventeen debuted in 2015, and the group is best known for their self-produced music. Members contribute a lot to their tracks, especially member Woozi, who I wanted to mention here as well, but he’s multidisciplinary and deserves a full list for himself. Our Boo Seungkwan is also a comprehensive founder.

From writing songs to singing, he can do it all effortlessly. His stable voice and brilliant personality are a winning combination for all carats. The singer was seen on many variety shows as well, showing off his bright energy to the rest of the world. I would totally suggest you listen to My Everything by Seventeen, and you will know why Seunkgwan is one of the best male singers in K-Pop.

Best Male Singers in K-Pop
Seungkwan from seventeen

5. Do (EXO)

The name DO always comes up when we talk about the best male singers in K-Pop. His ability to adapt to any type of music is fantastic. Fans always go crazy whenever any new content is released by DO He has even starred in dramas and musicals, proving his versatility as an actor and singer. What’s Next? D.O. was selected among the 200 best present and future actors of the Korean film industry by the Korea Film Council itself. We hope to see him in many more musicals as he moves forward because it really is his home.

Best Male Singers in K-Pop
Is it Exo

4. DK (Seventeen)

When we discuss Seventeen, the lead singer cannot be overlooked. Even in interviews, the members make more DK noises when asked to sing a few lines. DK’s warm sound warms our hearts too. Even in the faster songs, you can recognize his voice because it is so smooth and distinctive. No wonder DK made it to the list of the best male singers in K-Pop. Recently, DK sang the song “Go!” For the popular drama Twenty Five Twenty One’s OST. The song is about working hard to make your dreams come true, as well as drama. DK has truly conveyed all the emotions that major customers have, and those emotions go far beyond our TVs and phones.

Male singers K-Pop
DK of seventeen

3. Eunkwang (BtoB)

BtoB is one of the most underrated groups. Even though the seven bands are well known in Korea for their songs, I don’t really see them being mentioned among international fans. They broke the typical standards that K-pop groups are expected to follow, which is probably why not many people know about them. I have to break it down for you, “I lost some really good stuff.” BtoB is known for their “powerful” vocals throughout the K-Pop industry.

All the members are great singers, but I mentioned Eunkwang here. He is the main vocalist as well as the leader of the group. Like DO, Eunkwang is also a musical actor and is well known for his roles in them. Hear the song “Mysterious”. The song is from Fight for my Way’s OST and features two other BtoB members Sungjae and Hyunsik.

Male singers K-Pop
Eunkwang from BtoB

2. Chen (EXO)

Consider this a fact. Chen always tops the list when fans talk about the best male singers in the K-Pop industry, and when you listen to his songs, you can’t help but agree. Fans have seen Chen grow exponentially as a singer. He is not only a part of the boy group Exo but has also done many solo projects. Many K-Drama fans know Chen because of his OST in Descendants of the Sun. “Every Time” by Punch. The song topped the charts, and Chen’s voice gained national and international fame.

Male singers K-Pop
EXO’s Chen

1. Jungkook (BTS)

The list cannot be complete without a BTS member and if this is about the best male singers from K-Pop, our Jungkook comes out on top. Jungkook is called the Golden Maknae because he is remarkably good at everything. Anything he does seems so easy. His vocals and voice have been much appreciated over the past nine years. Jungkook’s appearance on K-show King of Masked Singer left everyone speechless.

Apparently the judges fell for his voice and some were even shocked because he was Jungkook’s singing. He publishes songs for the song on many occasions, most recently Harry Styles’ “Falling”. Due to his popularity and magical voice capabilities, fans are always waiting for new content from him. Not only is BTS’s vocalist, but he is also credited with producing BTS’ songs “Love Isn’t Over” and “Magic Shop”.

Male singers K-Pop
Jungkook from BTS

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