Vivre Card confirms Zoro and Sanji’s roles within the crew


The official Vivre Card describes Sanji as the Straw Hat Pirates’ cook, who sometimes also acts as a “military advisor” to the crew.

This is my take on it. From Alabasta onwards, Sanji was often the character who ended up acting independently for the crew – especially if the captain and the others weren’t present. Some notable examples are Mr. Prince’s personality and actions while in the water 7. He also brings it up Better plans and course of action for the group. strategic. A military advisor who can devise appropriate and effective tactics – he can determine which course will produce the best results and what one should do in bewildering and complex situations.

However, strategies and planning do not specifically translate into being the leader – or rather, Take charge of/lead the crew during or in the absence of the captain. Remember that every StrawHat did what Sanji often does – Zoro sometimes comes up with plans, like an “X” during the Alabasta arc, and Nami did it on several occasions etc. It’s about someone smart enough to formulate an effective strategy quickly, and be The first to suggest and express it.

There is no official member actively holding the position with the “If Luffy’s Not Around, Follow My Orders” feature. , much like how Sanji isn’t a strategist – but before I get to why Zoro plays the former more often, there are a few things to clarify:

  • I think Sanji is better at encouraging others emotionally than Zoro – Sanji is expressive, and Sanji is cute. He encouraged other crew members when they got frustrated more often than anyone else. This is great driving quality and I always agree with the fact that Sanji makes an excellent leader.
  • I also believe that Sanji often takes the lead and direct command of the group (regardless of whether it is strategic or not) when both Luffy and Zoro are absent. Kind of like a second companion.

As for Zoro, Vivre’s official card refers to him as the swordsman (fighter) of the Straw Hat Pirates, and he often serves as the deputy captain of the crew. I totally agree and that’s the reason why.

If he’s present, Zoro is nearby Always The person who actively takes the initiative Request #%s group to take certain actions. for example:

Here, Zoro stepped in, and he didn’t Suggest What should Luffy do? He was actively working to prevent the captain from making a bad decision, taking the actual responsibility/order when needed. It is shown in his dialogues (eg, when he allows Usopp to enter, and how it would otherwise that they I’ll leave it behind).

Nami and Chopper were angry at first, a little later, but while he looked sad, they were sure It doesn’t look like they would actively reject it. They were just silent after that. Sanji later agreed.

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