Wakame Konbu’s The Maid I Hired I Mysterious Manga Gets TV Anime in July – News


Sqaure Enix announced on Tuesday that wakame konbu‘s The maid you recently hired is mysterious (Saikin Yatotta Maid ga AyashiiThe manga inspires one of the TV anime that will be shown for the first time on 24 stations in Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) And TV Asahinetwork in July. ABC He is broadcasting a teaser video for the anime.

Anime stars:

Saori Hayami like Yuuri

Ri Takahashi like Lilith

Mirai Minatowho directed the TV anime of other konbu manga Jahi the Great will not be defeated!He is credited with the position of the main director of the anime, and is also responsible for the scripts for the series. Misuzu Hoshinoloop manager in Jahi the Great will not be defeated!is the director of the anime b Silver link. And code Like animation studios. Yoshi Ibeanother episode director about Jahi the Great will not be defeated!He is the assistant director. Machi Yoshino is character design. Koji Fujimoto And Osamu Sasaki also back from Jahi the Great will not be defeated! as music composers.

press yen The manga is licensed and is published in English. The company describes the manga:

I’ve hired a maid who has something about her that I can’t put my finger on. Sure, she looks great and she’s a great chef, but something about her just isn’t quite right. What did I get myself into!?

Konbo Launched manga in Square Enix‘s Janjan Joker magazine in January 2020, and Square Enix The manga’s fifth volume was published on February 22. press yen The second volume was released on January 25.

Konbu’s TV Anime Jahi the Great will not be defeated! The manga premiered in July 2021. Crunchy Roll Stream the anime as it was broadcast in Japan. Square Enix manga and books The manga is published in English.

press yen Also releasing Konbu’s Breasts are my favorite things in the world! Mango.

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