Was DaBaby good? A Twitter account lists his escapades


Most of DaBaby’s coast comes through his insulting and (often) illegal acts. A user has created a Twitter account to identify them.

It’s no secret. While DaBaby has released numerous projects since 2016, the rapper is best known for the many controversies he has been the subject of. In July 2021, the American singer was deprogrammed from the Lollapalooza festival for having made homophobic and serophobic remarks during the Rolling Loud. Earlier this year, he was accused of fatally shooting a 19-year-old man in 2018. The rapper allegedly acted in self-defense, according to his story. A Twitter user has therefore created an account to list the many escapades of the rapper, daily.

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DaBaby: “You fucked me up»

The name is evocative:was dababy a good boy today?In other words, was DaBaby a good boy today? Every day, the account posts a tweet noting whether or not this one did something wrong. Very quickly, more than 68,000 people subscribed and many Internet users reacted. Even the rapper would have responded to the phenomenon, according to a screenshot posted on the network. “You fucked me uphe laughs. “Now I am angry. Angry with you.»

On May 18, he notably mentioned the rapper’s attempt to kiss one of his fans in concert. “DaBaby was NOT a good boy today. In a humorous tone, it recalls the wrongdoings of the author of “BOP”. “He respected gay people today!“. And obviously, the author of “Suge” is about to break his own record. According to the Twitter account, the rapper would be wise for several days, a real miracle.

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