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After the sudden cancellations of concerts in Lyon and Nice, PNL fans are worried as their dates at Bercy approach. We now have more visibility.

The PNL community is trembling as the four dates that are to host the Accor Arena next week approach. Indeed, the Corbeil duo canceled two dates of their tour, in Lyon and Nice, apparently because of a health concern for one of the two brothers. If no information on this subject has leaked, relatives or collaborators of PNL wanted to reassure about the next deadlines.

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As first assured by the PNL Tour 2022 account, which contacted the Accor Arena, the four dates in Paris are still maintained. If it is really a health issue, it is likely that Ademo or NOS will be postponed for the next week. Let the Parisian fans be reassured: for the moment, no information concerning a possible postponement has been mentioned.

Good news also for the unfortunate communities of Lyon and Nice: the concerts will certainly be postponed. If PNL has already mentioned new dates in its press releases this Wednesday, Lucas Omiri, close to the two brothers, has again certified that the concerts will take place. “Be aware that these dates will be postponed, he specifies. Impossible that the valiant and valiant of Lyon and Nice do not live this moment”.

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Last information, finally, the first part which will take care of the four dates in Bercy has been clarified: it will be provided by Moha MMZ. It remains to be seen if the artist will be alone for this introduction or if he will be accompanied by Lazer, as in Toulouse or, why not, by DTF, when the group had announced its return to the stage for Lyon. In short, if some uncertainties still remain, the information should be clearer in the coming days.

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