we know who won the Netflix show

by Youssef

New school delivered its verdict after a final burst of episodes published on Thursday. So which of Leys, Elyon or Fresh LaPeufra triumphed?

End clap for New school, after almost a month of light. The Netflix show, with SCH, Shay and Niska on the jury, ended this Thursday by revealing the big winner of this first edition. And it was Fresh LaPeufra who triumphed, thanks to a top-flight performance on the final set. The artist performed “Chop”, a piece split into two parts. A slow, moving first, then a second, in the shades of a tube drill that captivated the crowd. Netflix has already isolated the clip on YouTube.

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Fresh wins the first edition of New school

Fresh therefore leaves with the €100,000 from the show, but above all with a guarantee of quality which should naturally boost his career. Its number of monthly listeners is climbing little by little on Spotify and it is likely that it will impose itself very quickly in the French-speaking landscape. For example, his latest track “Drama Queen”, taken from the clip test, has accumulated more than 100,000 views on YouTube, and already more than 200,000 streams on Spotify. An immediate flight.

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Even if he triumphed for this final, Fresh is not the only one to have distinguished himself: Leys and Elyon clearly did not deserve it. The first let its usual verve fly over the production and admits a promising evolution over the episodes. His title “Parabellum” has everything to become a hit. Elyon, he distinguished himself with “To die tomorrow”, a touching performance, flirting with variety. The three artists, like several of their colleagues from New schoolwill now have to convert this sudden increase in notoriety.

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