What happened to Lil Kid? The artist passed away at twenty-four


Lil Kid
Lil Kid

What happened to rapper Lil Kid? In a shocking turn of events, rapper Lil Kidd passed away. The devastating news was confirmed by the brother of rapper Lil Gutet. Big Brother Lil Kidd was in mourning for his brother’s death and opened a heartfelt note about how devastated and shocking the entire family was with Kidd’s death.

Keed’s friend and the mother of their child also wrote a heartbreaking note about how she has lost her mind and cannot believe his passing. Artist Lil CeeKay also paid his respects while describing Lil Keed as a “wonderful father” in an influential post on the platform.

What happened to Lil Kid? Here’s what we know

The cause of death has not yet been revealed. Lil’ Kid was a major figure in the Atlanta rap scene and gained massive fame and success with a catalog that included Keed Talk to ‘Em. The collaborative project with Gotit, Zaytoven and Lil Yachty has gained huge interest and positioned it in the main industry. This is what Lil’ Kidd’s brother wrote on social media, “Can’t believe you looked like you’re dying, today bro, you’ve done all my screams I know what you want me to do and it’s hard for Mama Daddy our brothers Naichore and White Boy.”

Lil Kidd earlier worked with Young Thug and praised him and how proud he is about his relationship with Thug. It was Young Thug who discovered Keed’s talents and soon signed him to Young Stoner Life Records.

Lil Kid
Lil Kid

Keed said that Thug is just a person who is great at heart and pure in heart. Kidd added that he was like a great guide who made Keed up to his game and praised him for helping his people wholeheartedly. Lil’ Kid’s real name was Recumbent Jevon Render, and he was only 24 years old. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry and is best known for working with Chris Brown and Travis Scott on his latest album, Trapped on Cleveland 3.

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