When Bigflo and Oli meet at the PNL concert


Passing through Toulouse, PNL counted some prestigious names in its audience, including Bigflo and Oli, filmed at the Zénith.

The PNL tour continues and it’s the turn of the South to be in the spotlight. The Corbeil tandem indeed has two dates in Toulouse on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 May. They stormed the Zénith and its 10,000 seats to bring their latest album to life. Two brothers published three years earlier. And on social networks, some have noticed that a few famous names were among the Toulouse public: Bigflo and Oli.

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Bigflo and Oli enjoy before the album

In promotion for their own album, which is already unleashing the statistics, the two brothers were filmed by a few spectators in the crowd at the Zénith de Toulouse. The short video reveals them in the process, in particular, of singing the words of “Deux frères”. Quite a symbol, finally, since they must probably find themselves better than anyone else in the text of the eponymous track on this latest album.

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The concert was also marked by another event since it was the MMZ which provided the first part of the show. As a reminder, PNL continued its last dates, in Dijon and Strasbourg, without a first part after the temporary withdrawal of DTF, a member of which was allegedly injured in the accident on the tour bus. The Toulouse public was able to find Lazer and Moha, certainly for two new dates, since DTF should be back in Lyon.

As for Bigflo and Oli, finally, the two artists continue to promote their new album to be released in June, whose title and cover were chosen by the fans. Also: Bigflo & Oli: their look-alikes flop but become… the rarest.

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