Where is Truck Night Filmed in America? All known sites


Truck Night in America Poster
Truck Night in America Poster

Are you a fan of reality shows? Moreover, do you like racing and vehicle challenges? If yes, then Truck Night In America should be one of the shows on your watch list. This History Channel show always exceeds the expectations of its viewers, and the contestants amaze us with their amazing moves and confrontations. This program has stiff competition for contestants. This show has not yet been renewed for a new season but it has not been canceled either.

The History Channel always offers something exciting for us. It is very difficult for a reality TV show to be successful as there can be no pre-planned storyline or retakes for such a series and it all depends on what happens right away. Therefore, it is very important for the show makers to decide everything like the participants, experts, filming locations and all other aspects of the show with high accuracy.

Where was Truck Night In America Filmed? When was the first show? How many seasons and episodes are there in the series? Who are the experts and cast members of the program? What is the basic plot of this show? This blog has all the answers plus everything else you need to know about Truck Night in America.

Where is Truck Night In America Filmed?

This reality series, Truck Night In America, relies heavily on the filming location where the chariot races must own the land according to the demands of the challenges. There is no doubt that the makers of the show chose a very suitable location for its filming. The place really stood out from expectations and provided great pictures for the program.

Truck Night In America was filmed entirely in Jefferson County, United States. This place is very famous in Colorado for its location along with the front range of the Rocky Mountains. To be more specific, the filming location is “Sunnyside ATV Paradise” north of Wrens.

Where is Truck Night Filmed in America?
Sunnyside ATV Paradise

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All about the program

Truck Night in America is a reality show running on the History Channel. Outside the United States, this program is best known as the Monster Motor Challenge. It premiered on March 8, 2018, in English. 51 Minds Entertainment is the respective production company.

There are two seasons of this show so far, the first contains a total of 13 episodes and the second season contains 11 episodes. The first season ran from its premiere date until November 11, 2018, and the second season started on January 31, 2019 and ended on April 4, 2019. There is no update for the next installment of the show. Stay tuned for updates.

A scene from the movie Truck Night In America
A scene from the movie Truck Night In America

The plot of Truck Night in America

In this popular reality show, there are several contestants who had a series of fights with each other. Tours actually contain filter events. After winning the fights, two contestants were finally left, and now they were competing independently against each other. This last three-mile course is called The Green Hell. Whoever completes this race first wins the bid and $10,000 prize.

There are five drivers at the beginning of the show, and they make some changes to their vehicles after each challenge as all challenges require different abilities of these vehicles, such as speed, maneuverability or power. In the Green Hell competition, i.e. the last challenge, the contestants have to face many quick jumps, cross the swamp full of snakes, as well as climb a mountain of dumped cars. These vehicles look really cool with the transformations.

Truck Night Crew in America
Truck Night Crew in America

After the first round of elimination, the selection process group assigns an expert to each of the remaining participants. The expert group consists of four members who are all experts in handling vehicles and tracks. These experts include Pete Suhrin, Glenn Blake, Abby Wayne and Rob Park. However, of these experts, Pete Sohren died in an accident in January 2019 in Mexico. We are expecting an expert with equal competence in the field in his place but the place is still vacant.

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