Who is Michael Blackson’s ex-girlfriend? You know everything about her


Ex-girlfriend of Michael Blackson
Michael Blackson

Do you want to know who the ex-girlfriend of comedian Michael Blackson is? Famous Ghanaian comedian Michael Blackson has been in the industry for nearly twenty years. He went on to release a graphic comedy CD titled Modasucka: Welcome to America back in 2005. Michael Blackson was also seen in Martin Lawrence Presents: First Amendment to Endowment and Shaquille O’Neal Present All-Star Comedy Jam as well.

Michael Blackson and his fiancée Miss Rada are back on Season 2 of the VH1 reality show Couples Retreat! As the two make some shocking revelations about their relationship and how they maintain boundaries and other issues, fans have been wanting to know about Michael Blackson’s personal life. Michael Blackson managed to grab attention as he added a comedic relief to the conversation, and viewers will be able to see that and much more in season two of VH1 Couples Retreat. Let’s have a look at all the lesser known details and facts about Michael Blackson’s ex-girlfriend.

Who is Michael Blackson’s ex-girlfriend?

Michael Blackson’s ex-girlfriend is Georgia Raine. The two dated for a while and parted ways in 2017. While the two tried to make things work after a few months and might have reconciled but eventually couldn’t make things happen. The two starred together on a reality show called “Living With Funny,” which centered around the comedians and their relationships.

Ex-girlfriend of Michael Blackson
Michael Blaxon and Georgia Era

Despite the split, the ex-husband is on friendly terms, so that she and his current partner only wished happiness. However, this wasn’t before there was a little feud online between the two ex-partners as Georgia posted about the comedian wanting her back!

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Michael Blackson’s ex-girlfriend opens up about his engagement!

When Michael Blackson got engaged, his ex-partner Georgina Reign seemed to have something to say as she asked fans to stop tagging her on every post that tracks his activities.

She even went on the air saying that she left him four years ago and joked that he could never get her back and that she never gave him what he wanted! However, she also wished the husband all happiness and also urged everyone to leave everyone happy. The two have since moved in with their partners without causing much of a stir.

Michael and Rada are back VH1 return spouses!

The famous couple are back! Famous Ghanaian comedian and Instagram model Miss Rada will be back soon at VH1 Couples Retreat! The two got engaged last year in 2021 and are now back for another season of the popular reality show. The couple definitely had their fair share of successes and action, and the comedian was earlier accused of infidelity as well. However, they put their differences aside as Michael Blackson came up earlier The Breakfast Club for an exclusive interview and ended up asking his girlfriend Miss Rada. This time, the pair might be getting ready for the wedding.

Ex-girlfriend of Michael Blackson
Michael Plaxon and Miss Rada

Moreover, Miss Rada sparked a split rumor in 2020, but the couple was reported to be back together in no time. While teasing a possible wedding date in 2023, Michael further stated that they just want to fix their problems, come to a really good understanding, and be in a good place before they take that step and expect it to happen next year! However, Miss Rada has made some shocking revelations about their relationship, which is sure to create a buzz around it.

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