Who is the Joker from Fireforce?


Joker from the power of fire
Who is the Joker from Fireforce? Cr: Autokart

We have seen the heroes. We’ve seen bastards. But nowadays, we’d love to see anti-heroes in action. This character is the Joker from Fire Force. Heroes are fighting for justice. The miscreants are fighting for revenge. But the anti-heroes are fighting for themselves. Their revenge is their justice. You must have heard of the quote, “Appearances can be deceiving.” When the Joker first appeared, he looked like a mysterious opponent. But soon we all knew that everything the Joker does has a good reason. The kind of past the Joker had is the reason why he became what he is now. People get lost in the dark, right? But anti-heroes like the Joker find their way in the dark. After all, for some people, darkness can be luminous. And the dark past made the Joker wonder if he was on the right side or not. This is what brings him closer to the truth.

There is a lot to know about the Joker from Fire Force. Like who exactly is the Joker? What are his powers and capabilities? What kind of dark past must have made him do what he’s doing now? His future role in Fire Force. We will also provide you with where to watch Fire Force online. There is a lot to know about this anti-hero. So, let’s get started without wasting any more time.

Who is the Joker from Fireforce?

People usually like to get everyone’s attention by standing in the spotlight. But the Joker believes in working in the shadows to achieve his goals. He is from the previous Kinetic 3rd generation and is believed to be an anti-hero. His smile seems sinister, but he is the guard of the fourth pillar, Shinra Kusakabe, the protagonist of the novel The Power of Fire. He was abandoned when he was just a kid. Then he was brought up in a group of killers called the Shadow of the Sacred Sun, which was under the nickname (name) from five to two. We agree that the killer’s life is difficult, but what he suffered there made him more lethal than any other killer. There is a saying, “The longer you stay in the dark, the less scared it will be.” The Joker made darkness and hell feel at home.

the Joker

Not only that, but also test out the Adolla Link. And those who have experienced Adolla lose something of their own. And in the Joker’s case, he lost his left eye while trying Adolla Link. All the suffering since his birth, everything he lost along the way, made him question everything. Now he is on his way to finding the truth of the world at any cost.

Joker’s powers and abilities

The Joker’s kinetic generation is unknown, but when it was found that he could light his cigarette with his finger, it was proved to be a third kinetic generation. There is no joker without a deck of cards. And imagine what? Joker can create a whole deck of cards covered in flames which can be flammable layer and even make an explosion with tremendous power. Not only that, but he can use these cards as his sword, defend himself from enemy attack, and most importantly, he can slice up human bodies with these burning cards. The deck contains 52 cards. Joker says he started overheating after creating 52 cards. But don’t trust his words because they fake you. He can easily exceed his fake limits.

Joker from the power of fire
Joker’s powers and abilities

Not only is Pyrokinesis, it’s also an overpowering hand fighter. He proved it when he easily dodged Shinra’s kicks and was able to exchange blows with Leonard Burns with ease. His power level could be deadly. He proved it when he rose from the ground thrust himself with his tongue. His tongue got there. Anyway, if only his tongue could do that, imagine what his entire body is made of. If we talk about his speed, he fought, survived, and escaped from Shu Kusakabe, the third pillar and commander of the Ashin Flame Knights. His speed could not be doubted.

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Life’s dark past

His real name before his parents abandoned him is unknown. Perhaps, only the Joker knows what his real name is, but he gave up the name given to him by the parents who left him. Soon he was taken over by a murderous group called Shadow Souls. The killers did not have a name, so he was called five – two. The only thing that belonged to him from his past was his half-broken watch. This killer combination may have sparked Five-Two, but the way he was treated was something no one should go through. Just because his skills were so good, everyone was jealous of him, including his captain. And to prove that Five-Two is not special, his leader did everything to break his spirits and destroy his sanity. The captain even burned the Five-Two watch, the only thing that connected him to his past life.

The dark past of the life of the Joker

When he was 16 years old, Five-Two managed to escape from the shadow of the Sacred Sun. Then he was received by a loving family. And just when he started to feel at home, his new home was taken away from him again. Just to make sure he would never be able to connect with his humanity, the group of killers butchered his new family. All this pain and suffering made him question everything. Thus was born the Joker of Fire Force, who searches for the truth behind this inhuman nature of human beings and their so-called humanity.

Watch Fire Force (Enen No Shouboutai) online – Broadcast details

Now, if you don’t know where to watch Fire Force online, we can point you in the right direction as well. You can easily watch Fire Force on various online platforms like Crunchy Roll And Funimation.

Joker from the power of fire
Where do you watch “Fire Force” online?

Hopefully now you know who the Joker really is better than before. Let us know who you want to know about next. And for new updates, stay tuned with OtakuKart.

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