Why Anakin Skywalker deserves a chance to become a Jedi Master

The star Wars The franchise’s biggest moments often hinged on choices that could nudge the galaxy in which direction. For example, the war against the First Order could have ended more quickly if Ben had not killed Han Solo. Also, the Empire could have risen to power if Luke had killed the Emperor as Vader had planned. But perhaps the biggest and most important choice in the entire franchise came from depriving Anakin Skywalker of the rank of Jedi Master. To make matters worse, he took the title and even proved it as the Seth Lord.

During the Clone Wars, the Jedi wasn’t as reckless and openly defiant as Anakin Skywalker, but he never broke the rules to achieve adoration. Instead, he did so to save lives and ensure the safety of his clone battalion. In the end, he would rather put himself at risk to end the battle quickly if it means that innocent people or friends can survive. Unfortunately, as the Clone Wars continue, Anakin never changes in his selflessness, but his environment becomes more apathetic, opening the first of many doors that lead him to the dark side.

After seeing how the Jedi Council dealt with Ahsoka Tano after she was framed for a terrorist attack on the Jedi Temple, Anakin’s frustration with his superiors grew. Therefore, at the time when he was denied the rank of master, he felt wronged. His mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, taught him everything he knew and supported his friend. And there’s no denying that not promoting his friend hurts him. However, Obi-Wan knew that Anakin was a great Jedi, a fighter, and mighty with strength. This means that there is no reason to decline the promotion, aside from the Jedi Council that has come out of Anakin.

Since he was a child, the Jedi Council has been commenting on Anakin’s fear because he left his mother and was much older than the other Padawans. This fear remained when he developed a secret love affair with Padmé that led to marriage. But had the Jedi not been so focused on the socially outdated code, Anakin could have opened up about his personal life and still been able to help the Jedi and even prevent Order 66, where his fellow Jedi would all be on his side. Instead, they are betrayed by the Jedi Council’s fears of promoting Anakin as an emotionally constrained Jedi eventually turns on his allies.

To make matters worse, after becoming Darth Vader, Anakin continues to prove that he deserves to be a master through his martial abilities and strength abilities. In the early days of the Empire, Vader was tasked with hunting down the scattered Jedi, and he did so with extreme prejudice. As a Vader, he had surpassed many powerful Jedi and conquered many monsters using his strength and cunning. He was like a Sith Lord equal to Yoda in terms of strength, and given that not long after Order 66, he could perform the same feats as a Jedi.

Anakin’s fall into the dark side is one of the biggest tragedies in star Wars. But it would never have happened if people afraid of his emotional instability had taken a chance on him. The Jedi’s support alone would have given Anakin the strength to fend off his negativity and be one of the most powerful Jedi ever. However, in the end, their hypocrisy ended their reign and denied a Jedi more deserving of the title they deserve.

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