Will there be a brutal 7 episode drama?


Monster Episode 7
Monster Episode 7

Because of the mysterious ending, fans are expecting brutal Episode 7 or even Season 2! However, is it really possible to get Episode 7 or the sequel? After all, the supernatural drama film tells the story of the Jinyang people who become victims of their ruler’s greed. For his own benefit, Governor Kwon Jong-soo excavates an ancient Buddhist statue and turns it into a tourist attraction. However, this became the downfall of Jinyang Province as people began to brutally kill each other. Amidst this chaos, two archaeologists, Chief Han, and her son are doing their best to save the people and stop this strange and deadly phenomenon.

Monstrous is a kdrama supernatural thriller that aired on TVING. The drama is written by Ryu Yong Jae and Yeon Sang-Ho and directed by Jang Kun Jae. It is a six-episode mini-drama. So all the episodes were released on the premiere day, April 29, 2022. Besides its strange and intriguing story, the Monstrous cast members caught the attention of viewers with their excellent performances. Therefore, such outstanding acting and quirky plot make Monstrous a perfect drama for supernatural thriller buffs! However, its mysterious ending makes fans wonder about the possibility of more episodes. So will there be Episode 7 brutal?

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savage episode 7 release date

Since the drama has already ended, there will be no Monstrous Episode 7. Unfortunately, the supernatural thriller tale is only a six-episode series. Furthermore, Monstrous kdrama Episode 1 was released on April 29, 2022 on TVING. The drama was scheduled for six episodes from the start. Since it is a mini-series, all six episodes were dropped on the day of the premiere.

Monster Episode 7

Watch Monstrous Korean Drama Ep 7 Online – Streaming Details

Although there is no Monstrous kdrama Ep 7, viewers can watch the remaining six episodes on TVING. TVING is an online streaming platform like Netflix, Rakuten Viki, Amazon Prime, etc. However, to watch Monstrous kdrama online, you will have to purchase their subscription plan. Furthermore, English subtitles are also available for international fans. Besides TVING’s official website, you can watch small clips of episodes on TVING’s official YouTube channel.

Since it is an original version of TVING, Monstrous kdrama is not available on other online streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Rakuten Viki, etc. However, it may be shown on Netflix or other streaming channels if the drama gets more international exposure. But for now, you can only watch Monstrous kdrama on TVING.

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Is the end of brutality a hint at the possibility of a second season?

TVING’s supernatural thriller Monstrous kdrama is a six-episode series, so there is no episode 7. However, the ending left some questions unanswered. Episode 6 reveals that Jung Ki Hoon and Han Seok Hee successfully entered Jinyang County to rescue their loved ones. As instructed by the monks, the archaeologists fight and eventually cover the Buddhist statue’s eyes. In the end, Jung Ki Hoon, Lee Soo Jin, Han Seok Hee, and Han Do Young survived these strange phenomena.

Monster Episode 7
Brutal Casting Cr: TVING

So, after their problem is resolved, the pair get back together and continue their journey as archaeologists. They wander around the world to find more of these phenomena and eventually land at their next destination. Therefore, the end of Monstrous kdrama reveals that during the search, the couple finds a strange skeleton that looks like a human but at the same time does not find. After watching such a mysterious ending, fans are expecting either Monstrous kdrama Episode 7 or Monstrous Season 2.

After all, the ending points to the possibility of the second season of Monstrous. Thus, viewers expect that the next season will focus on their next adventure. Moreover, watchers are also very disappointed with the writing of the characters in the first season. Although the story is interesting, it seems that the character’s development does not match the pace. Hence, viewers expect Monstrous Season 2 to fill the gap. Also, the cast made a deep impression on the audience, especially Koo Kyo Hwan and Shin Hyun Bin, who are exciting fans to watch together.

However, there is no official statement regarding the second season. If the series gains more international exposure, the writer may create a sequel story. Therefore, fans will have to wait for more updates!

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